Monday, October 14, 2013

{TV Series Review} Witches of East End, Season 1 Episode 2: "Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P."

Before I (Mandy) get into the review of this week's episode, let's do a quick recap:

Joanna Beauchamp (lady in the middle of the picture above): A witch, the mother of Freya and Ingrid, and sister to Wendy. She made the decision to hide Freya's and Ingrid's witchy talents from them hoping to give them a longer lifespan this time around. What she doesn't know is that there is a shifter who looks just like her going around killing people and letting trapped people loose to reign terror on the family. At the end of the first episode, Joanna has to tell Ingrid that they're all witches and then the police come to haul her off to jail for the murders she supposedly committed.

Ingrid Beauchamp (lady to the right of Joanna): The oldest daughter of Joanna Beauchamp's. Ingrid is an introvert and shy, a perfect personality for the town's librarian. Adam, the local law enforcement officer, is interested in Ingrid romantically, but she mistakenly thought he just wanted to be friends. She's beginning to understand that he was serious. Before Joanna tells her that she's a witch, Ingrid begins to suspect as much when a fertility spell she performs over a close friend works.

Freya Beauchamp (lady to the left of Joanna): The youngest daughter of Joanna Beauchamp's. Freya is engaged to Dash (gentleman to the left of her). The night before her engagement party, Freya has a dream about a guy she cannot stay away from. At the engagement party, the dream-man walks in and Freya finds out later that her dream-man is Dash's younger brother Killian (gentleman to the right of Ingrid). A few nights later as Freya's working, Killian comes in and talks her into agreeing to be friends. As she's in the bathroom calming down her emotions, a guy walks in and makes Freya chant a spell that draws both of them into a picture where, if he's able to kill her, she'll die forever and not come back in another life. What Freya doesn't remember is that this guy is seeking retaliation for Freya locking him into a desert painting years ago.

And now for this week's episodic review ...

Freya was able to leave the painting before she caught fire inside of the picture. While we're talking about this part of the episode, let me just say that the whole hot girl breathy hyperventilating sounds while trying to get out of a tough situation has been done ... and Jenna Dewan-Tatum doing this while trying to escape her apparently loose wrist binds was over-the-top. I am not a fan of any overacting. Anyhow, her captor and ex-boyfriend from a former life also escaped the painting. Eventually he's found and dealt with.

Freya learns in this episode that she's a witch, too. Ingrid, surprisingly, seems more acceptable of this fact than Freya, which I'm a little confused about because Freya's the one who always thought she was psychic. Based on that, I would have thought that Freya would be more accepting, and excited, about being a witch.

The action was a little more spread out in this episode and didn't move quite as fast as the first one, which I'm grateful for. We, the viewers, are getting a chance to actually learn and know the characters. Aside from Jenna's overacting at the beginning of this episode, I did enjoy this episode and am eagerly anticipating next week's episode, "Today I am a Witch."

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