Friday, October 18, 2013

{TV Series Review} American Horror Story: Coven, Season 3 Episode 2: "Boy Parts"

Okay, peeps, here's a quick recap before I get into this week's episodic review (taken from Wikipedia):

In the 1830s, Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) struggles to maintain her place in society, while secretly holding her slaves as prisoners in the attic. In present day, Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) operates a private school to teach young witches how to survive in the modern world. Cordelia's mother, Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange), arrives to ensure their protection.

Now, for this week's review:

This show is getting better and better by the week. Granted, it's only two weeks in but I can tell this may top the first season in awesomeness.

Zoe and Madison go to the local morgue where Kyle (Zoe's love interest and Madison's avenger of justice) is laying on a table in pieces from the bus crash caused by Madison that killed him and most of his frat brothers. Madison stole a Resurrection spell from Cordelia and is going to use it to bring Kyle back to life as repayment for Zoe killing the main frat boy who started the gang rape on Madison. First, though, they find the best boy parts from all the dismembered frat boys and sew them together with Kyle's head at the top. The Resurrection spell works, but not in a way Zoe thought it would. Fortunately, one of the witches who died in the last century has awakened and "fixes" Kyle with her power of resurgence.

Cordelia's past, at least I think it was her past, comes to the viewers in glimpses in this episode. We saw how she tried to have a baby with her husband using black magic. It didn't show the results of that unholy union, but I think we'll see how it turned out in the next episode or two.

We also saw how Queenie came to be at the witches school. She was the manager of a chicken restaurant (think of it as something similar to Church's Chicken or KFC). There was a patron who was pissed because he only had seven pieces of chicken in what was supposed to be an eight-piece bucket. Queenie packed the bucket herself and was adamant that she put eight pieces in the bucket. She then proceeded to tell him that she knew he ate the eighth piece and was just trying to get an extra piece of chicken for free. The patron then proceeds to insult Queenie and asking for the manager. Queenie tells him she is the manager and then proceeds to stick her arm into a fryer of hot grease. As the human voodoo doll, Queenie sticking her arm in the grease caused the same arm on the patron to feel as if it had hot grease poured on it causing it to bubble up with burns. The story made the papers which allowed Cordelia to find Queenie and bring her to New Orleans.

I think my favorite character, though, is Fiona played by Jessica Lange. Ms. Lange has now played in all three American Horror Story seasons and this role is by far her best. She is such a bad ass in this season that I love her. She makes Fiona's powers seem effortless, which I guess she needs to since Fiona is the Supreme witch. Fiona is able to convince the detectives that Zoe and Madison has no connection to the frat boys' deaths and to turn over all evidence they have against Zoe and Madison to her. She also asserts her dominance over Madame LaLaurie and initiates contact with Marie Laveau. I sense a clash of two great actresses coming together this season between Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett and I am excited! I cannot wait for next week's episode!!!

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