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{Blog Tour Review} Dark Lullaby by Mayra Calvani

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Book Summary:
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At a tavern one Friday night, astrophysicist Gabriel Diaz meets a mysterious young woman. Captivated by her beauty as well as her views on good and evil, he spends the next several days with her. After a while, however, he begins to notice a strangeness in her ... especially the way she seems to take pleasure in toying with his conscience.

The young woman, Kamilah, invites him to Rize, Turkey, where she claims her family owns a cottage in the woods. In spite of his heavy workload and the disturbing visions and nightmares about his sister's baby that is due to be born soon, Gabriel agrees to go with her.

But nothing, not even the stunning beauty of the Black Sea, can disguise the horror of her nature ...

In a place where death dwells and illusion and reality seem as one, Gabriel must now come to terms with his own demons in order to save his sister's unborn child, and ultimately, his own soul.

Mandy's Review:

I'm actually on the fence about this story; I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It was a little strange for me. I'm getting ahead of myself ...

Gabriel and his ex-girlfriend, Liz, are at a tavern having a philosophical discussion over some drinks. Kamilah "overhears" them and inserts herself into the conversation. Well, right away, Liz begins to get jealous and treats the woman coldly. Gabriel, man that he is, falls into lust at first sight. It also helps that Kamilah is mostly on Gabriel's side conversation-wise, which is just a boost to his ego. One thing leads to another with the end result being Gabriel and Kamilah having sex. One-night stands are so commonplace nowadays that this isn't even shocking. After their little soiree in the bedroom, Gabriel and Kamilah begin spending the majority of their time together over the next few days. This does not help Liz's jealousy ... even though her and Gabe are now just friends. Eventually, Kamilah invites Gabriel to travel to Turkey with her and spend a week there before he goes off to Brussels to be with his twin sister, Elena, who is about to give birth.

During their stay in Turkey, Gabriel finally begins to notice that Kamilah is acting strangely. He hears stories of otherworldly creatures that are known to exist there, but disregards them with his scientific mind. Unfortunately, it turns out that Kamilah is one of these fabled creatures and he is unknowingly (literally) dying to strengthen her powers. In the process, he puts his twin sister's child in danger as well.

The book is a quick read and I was able to go through it in a day. The story itself was a little creepy, and I liked that, there just seemed to be something "off" about it that I can't quite figure out. I never really got lost in the story and that did disappoint me. Like I said, though, I'm on the fence with this one. If you want something new to read and you've got a few hours to kill, why not check this one out and see if you agree with me.

*A Smashwords coupon code was provided by the author for the purposes of this tour, hosted by Pump Up Your Book, and in exchange for an honest review.

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