Monday, August 6, 2012

{Review} A Tainted Dawn: The Great War by B. N. Peacock

ISBN #: 978-1611792126
Page Count: 352
Copyright: March 1, 2012
Publisher: Fireship Press

(Taken from back cover)

August 1789. The Rights of Man. Liberty. Equality. Idealism. Patriotism.

A new age dawns.

And yet, old hostilities persist: England and Spain are on the brink of war. France, allied by treaty with Spain, readies her warships. Three youths -- the son of an English carpenter, the son of a naval captain, and the son of a French court tailor -- meet in London, a chance encounter that entwines their lives thereafter. The English boys find themselves on the same frigate bound for the Caribbean. The Frenchman sails to Trinidad, where he meets an even more zealous Spanish revolutionary. As diplomats in Europe race to avoid conflict, war threatens to erupt in the Caribbean, with the three youths pitted against each other.

Will the dawn of the boys' young manhood remain bright with hope? Or will it become tainted with their countrymen's spilt blood?

Charlene's Review:

Best described as Historic Naval Fiction, A Tainted Dawn depicts the time period exceptionally. From the mannerisms and social class differences to the dialogue, this novel was written with a clear passion for the history involved. We meet French Revolutionary Louis, Aristocratic Englishman, Edward, and a poor English boy, Jemmy, who ran away from home. Each tries to prove himself amid the struggles surrounding the French Revolution, and upcoming war.

Although written with an obvious passion, I had a difficult time keeping up with the many characters, and especially the colorful dialogue. Not being particularly familiar with this time period, this may contribute to my difficulty, but I found this to be a tedious read. I just couldn't get "lost in this story," as I found myself LOST in the story. I wish the author the best, and fans of this time period will enjoy it, I'm sure, but this was not for me.

*A physical copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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