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{Review} Fourteen Interviews by Barbara Bayes

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Book Summary:
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Martha, having given up on her less than successful art career, is desperate to find work. Though no one said it would be easy, she is ill-prepared for the bizarre roller coaster ride that ensues. Her long, sometimes funny, sometimes painful, journey through fourteen job interviews, changes her in ways she could never have imagined.

An eccentric dowager looking for a chauffeur, a recalcitrant dog who needs a walker, a coffee shop owner with a horrifying past, a pair of dysfunctional siblings who run an art gallery, a controlling mother looking for a nanny, the bully who tortured her as a child - these are just a few of the many characters she meets on her journey who bring her to a new understanding of herself.

Kathy's Review:

Everyone's had a job interview where they leave scratching their head. I'll share mine: a potential employer had me draw a diagram on a white board having something to do with left brain and right brain, and then when I finished, all he said was "Hmm!" Then, he promptly erased the diagram and moved on to his next question. Even more curious: I was hired!

In Fourteen Interviews, former artist Martha is in search of that perfect job, but in the process, encounters some not-so-perfect potential employers. Broken into chapters, the interviews are for a wide variety of jobs, each with an interviewer with a unique personality and interview style. Some are more hands-on than others, for example, the Dog Walker position which has her doing battle with a stubborn pooch who has it out for her, or the Window Dresser position where she wrestles with a mannequin while the store employees look on. These situations will have you laughing out loud - and maybe empathizing with Martha because it's all too similar to your own experience in a job search. Not only are these stories within themselves, but we learn more and more about Martha as it moves along. I like how the author wove in these details in such a subtle manner. I like how Martha's journey through the interview process also changes her as a person and helps her to learn about herself.

There are a couple minor typos and such, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I loved the humor throughout, and Martha's character development is handled expertly.

Whether you're happily employed, job searching or recently hired, there's something everyone can relate to in Fourteen Interviews. Give it a whirl!

*An ecopy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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