Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Review} The Five O'Clock Follies by Theasa Tuohy

ISBN #: 978-0984779918
Publisher: Calliope Press

(As provided on the Press Release)

Longtime daily journalist Theasa Tuohy captures the essence of what drives those who go to war armed only with a camera, notebook, and pen. In the fast pace of explosive romance and gritty adventure, The Five O'Clock Follies explores the serious issues of the Vietnam War, the role of the press and what a long way female correspondents have come in forty years.

Charlene's Review:

On the downside of a broken marriage, Angela Martinelli is out to make a name for herself, and a new start. When she lands in the oppressive heat of Saigon during the Vietnam War as a Freelance Journalist, she is met with much prejudice. The war is no place for a lady. But she quickly turns her heels in for jungle boots and meets the challenge.

Facing situations most tough guys avoid, Angela fights to get her story and prove her worth in the man's world of journalism. Arranging flights for herself into battle to capture the real stories, visiting field hospitals and seeing for herself the ravages of war, and the horrid stench of gangrene, she eventually becomes a prisoner of the Viet Cong. But Angela isn't done yet, and soon the "mans war" that's being fought makes room for one tough bird.

I had a hard time believing this was a fictional book, as the writing and detail were so great. With the Vietnam War being such a controversial war, this book handled it, warts and all. It never came across as political, although there were some definite political slants. It is the story of the soldiers, the people, and the journalists, as they fought to cover a thankless war. Totally engrossing, occasionally grandiose, but immensely entertaining.

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