Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Review} The Chroma by Jake Farrow

ISBN#: 978-0741435620
Page Count: 207
Copyright: January 6, 2012
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

The Chroma can't be seen while its bloodshadow is visible. Likewise, the bloodshadow can't be seen while the Chroma is visible. Characterized by such contradictions, the Chroma generates reactive panic.

CJ's Review:

This book is termed as a Psychological Horror/Thriller. I would give it the genre of a Twisted Mind F%&k Psycho Babble Documentary.

Mr. Jake Farrow has written a book that definitely reflects his obviously twisted mind. Not sure where he gets some of these ideas, but to say that they are beyond most people's comprehension would be an understatement. The book itself has a good storyline that can be easily followed. The fault I find in the book is with some of the dialogue. It reminds me of high school banter between two dorks that are trying to be cool.

The book is about a Chroma, or a bloodshadow (which is how it is described in the book). This bloodshadow can do pretty much whatever it wants to; i.e. inhabit anything living and make it do what it wants, create illusions in your mind and so on and so forth. It kills people and things for the pleasure of it. The story is about some friends that travel to the Canadian wilderness for a camping trip. The Chroma takes advantage of a weakling named John. It helps to kill a few people and eventually is killed itself. The weakling John is left pretty much as a mindless dumbass who is scared of his own shadow.

Look ... this book was just okay for me. I'm not really a "Hey, this psycho story is cool!" kinda guy, but it did have somewhat of a plot. The author did a good job of making me say, "What the hell just happened?"

There seems to be a reoccurring theme as I read many of these books. I am beginning to think that I am a simpleton. Here lately, every book has just confused me instead of interested me.

I will give the author one note of credit: He has a very sick mind. I guess that's good for horror books, right? Stephen King probably has a sick mind.

I'll give The Chroma 2 stars out of 5; just wish I could have gotten more into the storyline.

*A physical copy of the book was provided by the publicist in exchange for an honest review.

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