Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Review} Stroganov: A Darby Stansfield Thriller by Ty Hutchinson

ISBN #: 978-1468191851
Page Count: 344
Copyright: January 13, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace

(Taken from Amazon)

Stroganov, a smarter, more confident Darby Stansfield continues his life as the telecommunications consultant to the criminal underworld. This time he's in bed with the Russians and everything is peachy, so far.

With his career back on track, Darby focuses on improving his personal life. However, his unconventional methods for finding love land him in the middle of a war between the Ukrainian government and a dangerous sex trafficking ring. That's his life. Wrong place. Wrong time. All of the time.

Anxious to get out of the situation, he reluctantly offers his help to the authorities in hopes of a clean break. What he gets instead is the attention of Russia's most feared criminal.

Stroganov takes you on a wild journey through Minsk, Moscow and Odessa.

Charlene's Review:

In the second book of the Darby Stansfield series, Mr. Hutchinson continues the story of Darby, telecommunications consultant of the underworld. Having worked his way up to "heavy-hitter" in the company, Darby is now dealing with the Russian Mafia, selling them electronics that will boost their profitability. On his way to a meeting with his contact, Darby sees an ad for a vacation promoting Russian women. Always on the look-out for an improved personal life, Darby books a vacation to Russia, and so begins his next adventure. Fairly quickly, he is accidentally caught up in the sex-trafficking in Russia, and a professional hitman, "Ghostface" is after him for interfering. When those close to him start becoming the victims of Ghostface, Darby begins to realize the consequences of his business practices.

Having reviewed Mr. Hutchinson's first book of the series, Chop Suey, I agreed to read the follow-up books. I was not disappointed. Written in a fast-paced, humorous style, I can't help but like Darby and his clueless "Darbytastic" ideas that always end up causing him trouble. Adventure, thriller, or crime story, it's all here. Perhaps the storyline is far-fetched, maybe a little more risque sexually this time, but I love this series for the personalities portrayed, and the curious twists and turns that continue from beginning to end.

Stroganov refers to the Chop Suey book on occasion, and I highly recommend it, but stands well on its own. This is a fun series, with crazy antics that leave you shaking your head and rooting for Darby as he tries to keep his heavy-hitter status without getting killed.

*A physical copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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