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Kathy Reviews: Suitcase Pimp by Loren Niva

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Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

It started out organically enough ...

Serial malcontent Loren Niva and his impressionable young wife Anya make the move out to California, in search of their slice of the American Dream. Starry-eyed victims of blind faith and misplaced trust, it isn't long until the city of Los Angeles conspires to devour them whole.

Sick of navigating dire financial straits, open-minded Anya takes work as a 'girl-girl' performer in the San Fernando Valley's thriving adult entertainment industry. Loren assumes the role of a 'suitcase pimp' - a slur reserved for boyfriends and husbands of porn starlets - and takes to his sordid new life with voracious relish.

What follows is a boozy, merrily depraved descent into unbridled excess, spanning locales both seedy and stately throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Through whiskey-bleared eyes, Loren eagerly explores his debaucherous new world. But as Anya's dubious star continues to rise, Loren's torrid, increasingly perverse adventures threaten to tear their already flimsy union asunder.

At turns outrageous and profane, Suitcase Pimp tackles the various oily idiosyncrasies of 'the Industry,' shining a grubby little spotlight on the colorful, low-dwelling characters that comprise it. It is a brutish testament to all-American excess - and a lament for the slow disintegration and demise of an all-American marriage.

Kathy's Review:

If someone were to peer at my iPhone's Kindle app, they might wonder about me. I've got 50 Shades of Grey on there (my book club's selection this month) as well as Suitcase Pimp. I swear, I'm not like that!

Let me tell you - after reading Suitcase Pimp, 50 Shades seems tame. With a story focused around the adult film industry (I am trying not to use that P word so we don't get *those* kind of visitors to this blog, if you know what I mean!), you can expect there to be graphic depictions of what goes on when the cameras are rolling, using words that might make some uncomfortable. For that reason, I would say definitely "mature audiences only" for this book, and even then, a strong tolerance for very frank and graphic sexual content. Very strong. Because it's on almost every page, and it's no hold barred. It's definitely not my thing, and after a while it just grossed me out to read.

The writing does seem to have some intelligence, and I think the author has a twinge of bitterness at the L.A. scene. Throughout the story, between the graphic depictions of what is happening behind the camera, you can see the main character's and his wife, Anya/Lacey's downfall coming miles away. It's not surprising when it happens.

Not sure if the author came up with the titles of some of the dirty movies but there's long laundry lists of both the movies (usually parodies of popular film titles) and names of the actors/actresses, which I think were supposed to be for humor. I found myself skipping those long list of names because I just didn't think they were funny or care enough to read them.

I made it the whole way through Suitcase Pimp, but it's the kind of story I would never want to read again. If you're curious, feel free to check it out.

*An ecopy of this book was received by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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