Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kathy Reivews: I'm Not Goin' There! - A Gutsy Girlfriend Guide for Boomer Women Who Don't Want to Spend Their Golden Years Cuddling With Their Cats by Barbara Morris, R.Ph.

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Copyright: March 21, 2012
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Book Summary:

As teenagers, boomers declared, "We'll never get old." Now, as they approach retirement and old age is beckoning them to join "Club Decline," boomers have changed their mantra to a defiant "We're not goin' there" - without knowing what it really takes to avoid "goin' there."

Barbara Morris, author of I'm Not Goin' There! - A Gutsy Girlfriend Guide for Boomers Who Don't Want to Spend Their Golden Years Cuddling With Their Cats knows what it takes to avoid "goin' there."

A pharmacist, Barbara worked full time until age seventy-six. Daily interaction with boomers and seniors exposed a depressing, unseen side of the aging process. She saw the traps, lures, and pitfalls boomers had to deal with, and she reveals them in I'm Not Goin' There!

Barbara Morris is eager to share what she knows to help younger women see the red flags and avoid the snares that lead straight to Club Decline. I'm Not Goin' There! is packed with gutsy girlfriend advice and information not seen elsewhere because it's the author's personal first hand experience as well as what she learned interacting with boomers and retirees.

Kathy's Review:

Not just for Boomers - this book is chock-full of wisdom for any woman who doesn't want to grow old and fade away in a corner of an assisted living facility. At age 36, I haven't really given much thought to retirement, other than the fact that I have a 401K. This book made me REALLY think about it, and what I could be doing TODAY to make sure that I am able to enjoy my retirement years, not just financially, but physically and mentally, as well.

There's real advice to help slow the aging process in this e-book, which is complete with links to other useful books and websites. Morris' writing style is very smart but sassy, like a good friend is giving you advice. There's a senior mindset Morris discusses, and it seems like as soon as you resign yourself to it, you age. If you can escape the senior mindset, you can beat the aging process.

She is an advocate of natural remedies, rather than pharmaceuticals, and gives references to websites where you can learn more about this. I signed up for the e-newsletter she recommended for health tips.

I think the author, who is 83, has this all figured out. I encourage all women, no matter what age you are, to read this and take heed of the advice within. It could set you on a path for a much healthier, happier future.

*An ecopy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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