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Kathy Reviews: Brunswick by Ann Haines

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Copyright: March 1, 2012
Publisher: Ann Haines (1st Edition)

Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

When Jonathan wakes up beside a lake bruised and bleeding, he has no idea how he got there or where "there" really is. He must try to remember how he ended up in this place and why.

When he meets Grace and a group of people that seem to want to help him, he is thrown in to a world that he doesn't know. Haunted by visions and voices in his head, Jonathan soon realises that this world isn't as safe as he'd hoped.

Taken from his life and asked to save a land he knows nothing about, from a menacing hooded figure, Jonathan must learn quickly to survive. As he struggles to stay alive long enough to get home he is faced with a deadly choice, Join It or Die. And when it becomes clear that so many would do anything to kill him he must stay close to those who would kill for him.

To stay alive and get home he must face the one thing he never wanted to, the figure in black. And when the hood comes down Jonathan is faced with a revelation that could break him and destroy everything he has fought for.

Kathy's Review:

I had a reallllllllllllly hard time getting into this one. The summary provided by the author showed promise, and I was expecting kind of an eerie, thriller-type novel with some dark twists. Instead this is more of a YA fantasy fiction and just vanilla throughout.

The writing style is extremely dry and flat, and in general lacks correct punctuation. This book needs some serious editing work, although I do see a glimmer of light in the plot. It's got some good twists and creativity; it just really needs some polish. I'd also recommend thinning out the characters, at least the named ones. I had a hard time remembering who did what, what species they were, etc. It's hard to get invested in characters when they're spread so thin. There are a few standouts - Jonathan, the protagonist and the "creator" of Brunswick, Grace, a young girl who lives in Brunswick, Sebastion, a giant dog, and Dashana, a mysterious young woman. And, of course, the big Baddie of this story, the Dark Figure. I'd focus on these characters and maybe lose a few of the others.

Although I think this is a touching story, particularly at the end, I think it's a few edits away from being ready for prime time.

*An ecopy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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