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Mandy Reviews - Hammer of the Sun: Chapter One by George Soriano

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Kalen and Madison have a unique relationship.

Madison is a powerful, some say evil, being from Earth's ancient past. He has been reincarnated into the form of a teen-aged girl.

Kalen is her present day guardian, charged with the responsibility of guiding her to the side of good. She doesn't believe that Madison can ever be trusted or turned away from her evil past.

But as they battle increasingly stronger supernatural threats, Kalen sees that Madison may be Earth's last hope against a looming apocalypse.

Hammer of the Sun: Chapter One is the first chapter of an episodic novel that chronicles the trials of a reluctant hero on her march to redemption.

Mandy's Review:

This is the first episodic novel that I've read or reviewed. The concept intrigues me as it teases the reader into wondering what will happen in subsequent chapters. It also brought to mind a 30-minute television program: the chapter can stand on its own, but it is also building to something greater.

So far we know Madison's powers have been transferred to Kalen. It doesn't say, but I believe this happened when Madison was reincarnated. She (He) wants them back, but Kalen is afraid to let her have them. Until Kalen relinquishes Madison's powers, Madison is playing nice to trick Kalen into believing Madison has converted to the good side.

Kalen's not fooled ... She doesn't trust Madison, but they have to work together as part of a team killing vampires. Simon is part of Kalen and Madison's team, but I cannot tell if the three are part of a renegade team or part of something greater.

An interesting start, Hammer of the Sun: Chapter One has the potential to become a great urban, sci-fi fantasy read.

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