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Blog Tour - Guest Post by Timothy B. Sagges, Author of Best Seller

Welcome to Literary R&R's stop on Timothy B. Sagges' Best Seller virtual book blog tour. Below, you will find book info, author bio and a guest post provided by Mr. Sagges. Hope you enjoy!

Book Info/Buy Links:

ISBN #: 978-1456478193
Page Count: 326
Copyright: February 13, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Price: $14.99 (Paperback)

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Thirty-five year old fiction writer, Richard Rossi would do just about anything to get his manuscript published. However, months of rejection and unanswered prayers have strained his capacity to hope. Alone in New York City, he teeters on the brink of alcoholism, as his hope erodes into desperation. His prayers are finally answered when a simple misdirected piece of mail spawns a chance encounter with an extraordinary man, Seth Volos, Publisher. And while their unholy alliance thrusts Richard to the top of every Best Seller list in America, the horrifying outcome for the book's legions of fans is anything but a happy ending.

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Guest Post:

I've been inspired to write since sixth grade. My teacher, Miss Fletcher, would regularly assign book reports to the class. Thank God the stories we were to read and report back on were short. As is currently true, I was never an avid reader.

Miss Fletcher and I discovered together that I also lacked the discipline to structure a book report in a way that made any sense. Instead of reporting on Jack and Jill's motivation for running up the hill, I would explore and expound on the possibilities and consequences of the well being empty, their quest for water, and the exotic places the two would travel to fetch a pail.

In what I know now to be her ability to help a child grow, she would elevate my pathetic attempts at book reporting to what would become a weekly ritual of Timmy reading to the class his latest story.

As I grew and set my sights on becoming independently wealthy, I put my zest for writing on the back burner and set out to earn a living. And although hundreds, possibly thousands of ideas have, over the decades, popped into my head and have been duly scribbled on post-its for future reference, it wouldn't be until my 49th year of life that I would make the connection between having a neat idea and the process of writing. Writing is hard work. Staring at a blank computer screen is daunting at best. But one can only mull an idea over for so long before going insane. So with the characters, plot and timeline long ago etched in, and haunting, my brain, I opted to do whatever I could to purge the story and make room for something else, (more stories). And after reading the self published novel written by a friend of a friend, I thought, I can do that! And I did. With discipline I never knew I possessed I sat at my computer every night for five months with the goal of getting 500 words down on paper.

I would give almost anything to find Miss Fletcher.

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  1. Mandy, thanks for hosting Tim for a guest post. Miss Fletcher sounds like the kind of teacher who really made an impact on her students.


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