Monday, March 5, 2012

Kathy Reviews: Buried in Tomorrow by A. Peter Perdian

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Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

Humans have overrun the planet, establishing themselves in every niche. The planet's other creatures have nowhere to turn. They are going extinct. Do humans care? No. Most humans have adopted the attitude that it's them or us - and we choose us.

Into this caldron of death, two scientists have immersed themselves, determined to change humanity's destructive path. But their efforts to awaken the people to the moral implications of what they're doing have failed.

Gaia then enters the arena, and overnight tornadoes begin raking the land while earthquakes shake it. Humanity is now facing their worst fear, the ultimate entity, the Earth itself.

Kathy's Review:

Buried in Tomorrow is a super short story with an interesting concept that doesn't really get fleshed out due to the brevity of the story. Gaia, or the planet Earth, is a being that communicates with chosen humans. Katie is one such human, and her husband Phillip has stood by her despite the fact that she claims to hear voices. They belong to some kind of special ops team, along with Dan and Tamara, who are uncovering aliens buried layers and layers below the Earth's surface. Because of Katie's relationship with Gaia she receives her calling to try and save the planet and evolves into another kind of being. As this review is already dangerously close to being longer than the story itself, I will leave it at that and offer some observations:
  • First, this story is WAY too short. I know the author wrote it that way for a reason, but there is absolutely NO character development.
  • The most fleshed out character is Gaia/Earth. I would like to have seen more backstory of Katie and Phillip, and have any sort of clue of who Dan and Tamara are, other than they are dating.
  • This story is not done. It would be really cool if more was put into who the people are, which would allow the reader to connect more with the story.

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