Monday, March 19, 2012

Mandy Reviews: Frags by Thomas K. Carpenter

ISBN #: 978-1467974615
Page Count: 334
Copyright: December 15, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

When the Frags escape to the Freelands, they find freedom has its own challenges. Without the familiar rules of LifeGame, Gabby and the Frags stumble from one dangerous Freeland to the next, while conflict in the group threatens to split them up. As the trail to Zaela becomes confused by the looming war, Gabby must reinvent herself or never see her best friend again.

Mandy's Review:

At the end of the first book, Gamers, Gabby finds out her best friend Zaela lost the Final Raid and is now being shipped off ... but Gabby doesn't know where. As she's running to get into a FunCar, the Frags send a FunCar to intercept her. She gets in and is quickly followed by Mouse, another LifeGamer. Once they're in the FunCar and it's on its way, Gabby finds out the Frags are bringing her and Mouse to where the Frags are and not to rescue Zaela.

Now begins Frags ...

When it begins, Gabby and Mouse are in the middle of a plan to steal a hovercraft. They barely escape and make it back to the other Frags. They have decided to leave the GSA, the controllers over people's life systems, and be free. While this is a desire of all the Frags, it is also a dangerous desire and one that could cost them everything.

An action-packed novel, Frags continues the story of Gabby and Mouse along with Michael, Celia, Drogan and Milton. They fight their way through several of the Freelands in order to find out where Zaela and the other Losers have been taken.

Will they succeed in finding out where the Losers are? Will Gabby stay with the Frags? Which member of the Frags is dying and why?

Frags is an engaging and thrilling sequel to Gamers. This series is definitely worthy of shelf space in your homes.

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