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Kathy Reviews: The Kennedy Club by G. P. Schultz

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Book Summary:
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When Emily and Jack meet by chance on a Cape Cod beach, it's the beginning of a tumultuous twenty-year romance that takes them into the eye of war and the heat of politics. Along for the ride are four Harvard University friends who are members of The Kennedy Club. Aspiring to the ideals of former president John F. Kennedy, the group's goal is to get Jack elected President of the United States. Emily and Jack fall in love, but will his ambition to be president outweigh his love for her, and will she be able to set aside her own career to help him achieve his dream? And will the bond of their relationship withstand betrayal and the lust of power as Jack fights to become the chief executive of the country?

Coop, Jack's best friend and trusted campaign manager gets caught up in the fight to stop the destructive practice of mountaintop mining devastating his home state of West Virginia. He becomes a terrorist activist against the coal companies, putting Jack's political career in jeopardy, and threatening Coop's relationship with the beautiful Adriana.

Kathy's Review:

Jack, Coop and Emily meet on the beach near Emily's home and realize they are all Harvard-bound. Jack and Coop recruit Emily to The Kennedy Club, which is a political club centered around getting Jack elected to high office. First, President of the Harvard student body, and finally, President of the United States. They certainly have the smarts, the financial backing and the heroics to do it.

Yet, these highly successful, rich, educated people talk throughout the novel like a bunch of sex-obsessed teenagers about who is screwing who and why. It was just over 400 pages of tedious political/romance. I felt no attachment to any of the characters, in fact, I disliked most of them.

Throughout the novel, there's this kind of unbelievable "right place right time" karma that happens to Jack and his cronies - such as, traveling to Bosnia and rescuing women from being sexually violated in a labor camp, helping rescue victims from the Oklahoma City bombing, being in Manhattan on the morning of 9/11, etc. A little too unbelievable.

This book definitely was not for me. I think it was too long, the dialogue was too boring, and the action too unbelievable.

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