Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Charlene Reviews: Human Natures of Animal and Spiritual by Carroll Blair

ISBN #: 978-1936430079
Page Count: 140
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Aveon Publishing


The world is in crisis. Problems are mounting without viable solution or action to address them. In Human Natures, the cause is revealed; why efforts made to cure the ills of humankind or mitigate their negative impact around the globe continue to result in disappointment, failing to create a foundation for the developing of principles that would enable humanity to move forward, and what it will take for this to change.

Charlene's Review:

Written in poetic vignettes, Human Natures is not your typical book. It is also not for the light reader. Deep, thought-provoking insights are made on each page. To get the full effect of this book, I had to occasionally step back, breathe deeply, and dig deeper; deeper into the wording, and deeper into my perceptions. One of my favorite excerpts would be, "There are paths in life that no matter what is achieved the whole amounts to nothing, because integrity did not show anywhere or in anything." So much for happy accidents, huh?

Mr. Blair's precept seems to be that the human condition has stalled, and spiritual evolution cannot continue until we step away from our greed-filled, self-centered lifestyles. Whereas our ancient ancestors were continually faced with danger and had to be constantly vigilant, our current need for comfort and indulgence keeps us from growing morally and spiritually. What was once "evolve or perish" has now become "stay comfortably numb and stagnant." Human Natures is an enlightening read into what it will take to address the many issues facing our world.

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