Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: The Practical Power of Shamanism by Mary L. Stoffel

The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses
ISBN #: 978-0-9844800-1-2
Page Count: 241
Copyright: 2010

About the Author:
(Taken from the Conversations With Your Animals website)

Mary Stoffel recently left a project management position in the corporate world to concentrate on her holistic healing and animal communication practice.

She has studied shamanic healing techniques through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and completed Sandra Ingerman’s two-year shamanic teacher training program. Mary has employed alternative healing methods for 17 years through animal communication, Energy Interference Patterning, essential oils, flower essences, shamanic practice and heart-based clearing. She has been a featured speaker at numerous Expos and Pet Fairs, has taught animal communication classes since 1999 and shamanic practice classes since 2004.

(Taken from back cover)

In The Practical Power of Shamanism, Mary shows you how to use the ancient techniques of shamanism to solve your problems in this modern, fast changing world.  Learn how to:
  • Call your power back and restore your physical and mental health
  • Understand the divine explanation behind your circumstances
  • Learn the divine solution to your challenges
  • Resolve relationship conflicts
  • Satisfy your longing to experience unity in the web of life
  • Consciously access information from the spiritual realm
  • Learn to communicate with your own spirit guides
  • Call on the Spirits to help you thrive in a changing world

My Review:

I really tried to keep an open mind while reading this book.  I wasn't raised to believe in Shamanism, but I wanted a chance to look at this from a literary and not personal perspective.  Let's see how I did, shall we?

First, the book is not a how-to on Shamanism.  It is more of an exercise and journal entry book that allows the reader to go through and actively partake in their self-discovering journey on their own time and in their own pace.

From the Lower World with spirit guides to power animals to the Middle World to the Upper World ... it almost seems like some acid trip or script from a fantastical movie.  I am not trying to demean anybody's beliefs, but it seems a little unreal to me.

Yes, everybody needs something to believe in.  Everyone should have a support system they can rely on when they have problems and need guidance, but Shamanism just isn't my cup of tea.  It just seems that, in Shamanism, you rely more and more on your spirit guide than you do on your friends, family, etc.  Maybe I misinterpreted what I read ...

Okay, so it appears I was unsuccessful at not bringing my personal perspective into my reading of this book.  I apologize.  If you like having spirit guides and power animals to help you on your spiritual journey, then I would recommend this book to you.  It will explain and help you understand everything you need to know to get started.

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