Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Mr. Linky Out To Get Me?

I am extremely frustrated with the Linky Tools website.  I have created an account, but every time I try to log into their website to start using linkies, I keep getting this message:

Your user account has not been verified. You should have received a confirmation email right after signing up If cannot find that email, contact us.

Yeah ... I don't recall ever receiving a confirmation email when I first signed up.

I've emailed the main dude at Linky (Brent?) once before and mentioned to him the message I keep getting.  I was told that I shouldn't have to confirm my email and that it (my situation) would be looked into.  I never heard anything back.  So, I tried it again this morning.  GUESS WHAT?!  If you guessed I was able to sign in to the Linky Tools website, you'd be wrong.

Same message.

Is the Linky Tools website really worth all this frustration?  Can I get some feedback from those that use linkies and, specifically, the Linky Tools website?  Did anyone else have issues starting up with them?

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