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Review: Let's Get Invisible by R. L. Stine

ISBN #: 0-590-45370-X
Page Count: 139
Copyright: 1993

About the Author:
(Taken from inside back cover)

R. L. Stine is the author of more than two dozen best-selling thrillers and mysteries for young people.  Recent titles for teenagers include The Hitchhiker, Beach House, and Hit and Run, all published by Scholastic.  He is also the author of the Fear Street series.

When he isn't writing scary books, he is the head writer of the children's TV show Eureeka's Castle, seen on Nickelodeon.

Bob lives in New York City with his wife, Jane, and twelve-year-old son, Matt.

(Taken from back cover)

On Max's birthday, he finds a sort of magic mirror in the attic.  It can make him become invisible.

So Max and his friends start playing now you see me, now you don't.  Until Max realizes that he's losing control.  Staying invisible a little too long.  Having a harder and harder time coming back.

Getting invisible is turning into a very dangerous game.  The next time Max gets invisible, will it be ... forever?

My Review:

Let's Get Invisible is #6 in the original Goosebumps series, which is #94 on the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009.  The series was banned/challenged for being too scary for the age group it was intended for.

This book is the best out of the first six books in this series.  Even though we all know magic mirrors don't really exist, it seems more believable and is, therefore, more apt to strike fear into the little hearts of children.

When Max keeps turning himself invisible, his fear grows and he knows something is not right, but he keeps going.  Why?  Peer pressure.  He doesn't want to act like a chicken in front of his best friend or the girl he likes.

Because he keeps turning invisible, he gets pulled into a situation that he has to fight his way out of.  He then realizes that his friends are in trouble and he struggles to save them too.

While the story is not bite-your-nails scary, I can see why children would find this book scary.  Just the idea that you could turn yourself invisible and never come back from that ... Nobody could see you any more, you'd be all by yourself with no one to keep you company, talk to you, etc.  Yeah ... that would be scary.  We all want to have someone around we can go to and spend time with.

Even though I think this book would scare children, I don't agree that it should be banned/challenged.  I think sometimes a little fear is good.  A little fear will help steer you away from certain behaviors, situations, people, etc.

Everyone should have a little fear in their lives ... as long as you don't let your fear control who you are and change you.

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