Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{Review} SMILE NOW, CRY LATER by Paul MacDonald

ISBN #: 978-1507525449
Page Count: 248
Copyright: January 12, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Series: Chuck Restic Mystery

Book Description:
(Taken from Amazon)

Chuck Restic is a man without a purpose. A 20-year career working in the risk-averse world of Human Resources for a large corporation has left him comfortably numb... but so incredibly bored. There has to be more to life than trying not to get sued. Chuck finds an escape in an unlikely form when he begins moonlighting as a private detective. He's not your typical PI (he prefers a passive-aggressive approach over the old-fashioned fisticuffs kind) but he is amusingly effective at solving crimes. And at last he is able to apply that HR experience -- the same one that gives him so much consternation -- to a finer purpose.

This first book in the series has Chuck venturing out of the confines of his Los Angeles skyscraper in search of a missing colleague. The trail leads him from the shady underworld of Armenian mobsters to the billion-dollar land developments that serve as the lifeblood of the city. Murder lurks at every turn. The Chuck Restic Mystery Series is a fun romp that mashes traditional mystery with a scathing send-up of Corporate America, and delivers a fresh take on the classic Los Angeles detective novel.

Shelley's Review:

This book grabs and holds your attention from page one.  The author throws in number of subplots and twists that makes this  book appeal to a wide variety of people.  Something for everyone!  I really look forward to another installment of Chuck Restic Mysteries.  Kudos Mr. Macdonald!

*A physical copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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