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{Review} SAGA OF LYN: THE REAWAKENING by Aric Carter

ISBN #: 978-1941469002
Page Count: 238
Copyright: July 26, 2014
Publisher: Aric C. Carter
Series: Saga of Lyn

Book Description:
(Taken from back cover)

Tavernkeeper Tegain Hostler's life is one of well-oiled routine, revolving around his tavern and his beloved wife and daughter. When a mysterious stranger destroys his tavern and his family, Tegain joins forces with his friend Karl Dunmire, a trader with a military past, to seek justice. Karl sells Tegain a rusty old sword that has hidden powers, and their quest turns deadly as they begin to encounter demons from their world's past that now threaten its future.

Mandy's Review:

Before even reading the book, the reader is wondering who Lyn is and who/what is being reawakened. At the start of the book, an event happens that (slight spoiler alert) isn't addressed during this portion of the series.

Tegain is a portly man who has taken over the family business of managing the tavern, the Hooded Lantern. He has never had a need to leave his home and travel the country, so he's unaware of what lies in the surrounding country. That all changes one night when a stranger comes in and kills everyone inside the tavern before burning it to the ground. Tegain, the only survivor of the attack, is lying outside on the ground contemplating life without his wife and daughter when Karl shows up on the scene.

A former Captain Marshal of the Royal Waymen Dragoons, Karl is now a trader traveling around from town to town trying to sell his wares. Helping Tegain escape from a greedy councilman gets Karl thrown into jail, where Karl finds some unexpected allies. Knowing his past, the guards solicit Karl's help in fighting the monsters that seem to have reawakened from centuries past.

Tegain's escape puts him into even more danger from creatures he never knew existed. Thankfully, one of the items Karl sold to Tegain is a unique piece helping him in ways Tegain never expected.

Overall, I enjoyed this beginning to the Saga of Lyn series ... with some exceptions. The first being Vyckie's importance to the telling of this story. The story could've been told without her and, in turn, the two thieves. If her purpose was to re-start Tegain's heart and help him realize he could love again, well ... I think it was unnecessary. I won't say why because it'd spoil part of the story, but the reader will easily recognize why Vyckie's role wasn't needed. The other exception to my enjoyment of this book was the way Karl spoke. It was very distracting. I'd be in a flow, just reading along, and then Karl's part would show up and I'd have to stop and take time to read what he was saying. Want an example?

"Aye, this be true. Ye be not havin' the trainin' of the Dragoons. Ta be a Dragoon be not trainin' alone. A true Wayman be without fear. He be ridin' inta battle knowin' he be dead already. His actions be not tempered by fear of death. Ta be a Dragoon be but an attitude taken about yourself, not just trainin'," Karl voiced to Jeri and the entire company of men.

Maybe the above isn't distracting to you, but it was to me. Too much usage of the word 'be.' If you can work your way through that, the Saga of Lyn: The Reawakening is a pretty decent start to a promising series.

*A physical copy of this novel was provided by the publicist in exchange for an honest review.

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