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ISBN #: 978-0985365363
Page Count: 310
Copyright: September 30, 2014
Publisher: Dave Becker

Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

Fiery tornadoes cut through quiet forests. Balls of lightning burn everything in their paths. Earthquakes open chasms that swallow vehicles whole. Clement is reeling from a new onslaught of curses, and it all started the day a mysterious, giant woman arrived at Jenna's school.

Jenna Hamilton was just hoping for a normal sophomore year of high school. Instead she finds herself trapped in the middle of devastating plagues, mythical creatures, and a satanic plot to destroy the people she loves most. As she struggles to make sense of her little corner of the world, Jenna learns that the rest of the planet is dying and she may be the key to its survival.

Kathy's Review:

I reviewed the first book in this series, The Faustian Host, almost three years ago. So the details of the first book were a little foggy for me. This is a continuation, but it’s the next year, and this book centers around Jenna, who I don’t even remember from book one, to be perfectly honest. Jenna is part of the group of friends that figured prominently in TFH, most notably Tony.

Like the first book, the second one is fast-paced, chock-full of action, and also packed with literary and historical references that prove to be useful in the kids saving the world at the end, as it were. Some things don’t quite make sense to the reader, but I think for YA fare, the plot holes might be overlooked or simply forgiven because the story is so good. The author is clearly very well read, and his knowledge of history, as well as mythology, feeds well into this book.

At the end, there are more questions than answers, once again leaving the door wide open for the third book. The evil cult that just walks around the town harassing people is still out there and isn’t really neutralized at the end (sorry, spoiler alert). What will they cook up to try to destroy the world in book three? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. If the formula holds true, book three will feature another one of the group of friends as its main character. Who will it be?

*A physical copy of the novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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