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{Review} THE GUARDIAN'S WYRD by Nerine Dorman

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Book Summary:
(As provided by the publisher)

Sometimes having a fairytale prince as a best friend can be a real pain.

Jay didn't realise that sticking up for Rowan, the gangly new kid at school, would plunge him into the dangers and politics of the magical realm of Sunthyst. But if anyone is up for the challenge it's Jay September. With his trusty dog, Shadow, at his side, he braves the watcher in the dark that guards the tunnels between the worlds, and undertakes a dangerous quest to rescue the prince.

It's a race against time - can he sneak Prince Rowan away from under King Lessian's nose and bring him safely back home - all before the prince's sixteenth birthday? Or is Rowan's mother, the exiled Queen
Persia, secretly trying to hold onto her power by denying her son his birthright?

Jay is ready for anything, except, perhaps, the suffocating darkness of the tunnels. And those eyes ...

Lupe's Review:

Jason (Jay) September is your average teenager-well, average South African magical teenager, that is. He doesn't know it, of course, until he meets Rowan, the home schooler turned newbie at Bergendal Private School. Jay is used to be the outcast: listens to music and doesn't participate in all the cool activities and often finds himself wandering in his mind to the otherwhere, a place where his mind drifts and really where his powers resonate from (what we would think of as day dreaming). What Jay doesn't know, is that this new friendship he forged with Rowan is much more that what he can see.

I liked this book in its simplicity, but there were some things . It was a little too quick to get into, as in, no buildup, so I didn't care for that too much. Plus, although he is a 15 year old boy, I have read other novels and even short stories, where the teen doesn't sound nearly as young? I guess the character's voice was almost grating on my nerves. The story just felt really rushed which kind of detracts from, well, the story. Which is, I think, unfortunate because the story itself was actually quite good once they were in Sunthyst. The action was played out really well, and I think it would be a great beginning to a series.

All in all, definitely a good read for YA audiences.

*An EPUB file of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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