Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Blog Tour Review} BREATH OF SPRING by Charlotte Hubbard

ISBN #: 978-1420133073
Page Count: 352
Copyright: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Zebra

Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

As a bright season brings a fresh start to Willow Ridge, Annie Mae Knepp feels she can never make peace with the past. Her disgraced ex-bishop father is furious she has taken her five siblings to live with her. She's never been truly at home in her faith. . .or believing in herself. And Annie Mae fears no man will want to take on the responsibilities she's gladly shouldered. True, her quiet neighbor Adam Wagler has been steadfast and unshakeable helping her through her trials, but he surely couldn't think of someone so lost as more than a friend. Believing she is unworthy because of her doubts, Annie Mae will find in a moment of surprising revelation that God can work impossible miracles--and that love makes all things new.

Mandy's Review:


Seriously, I do. Every time I read one of Charlotte Hubbard's novels it feels as if I'm only reading a 100-page novella because of how engrossed I become. I feel as if I know each of the families in Willow Ridge personally. I hurt for them when they hurt, I become angry at Hiram in just about every novel (the man is extremely obnoxious), and I cry when they find love and God's purpose in their lives.

I could honestly just sit here and gush about this book, and series, all night long, but I will end with this: Every time I read a Charlotte Hubbard novel, it always makes me want to be a better Christian. Miriam's steadfast faith is amazing. Bishop Tom is just the type of leader I would love to have. The whole Willow Ridge community and their commitment to each other is almost enough to make me want to find an Amish community and convert to their simple ways.

Any novel, or author for that matter, that can make a reader feel as much as Charlotte makes me feel reading her novels is well worth promoting and I'm extremely glad I get the chance to do so.

*A physical ARC was provided by the author for the purposes of this tour and in exchange for an honest review.

**As a side note: My review for this tour is late and I sincerely apologize to both the author and the tour promoter for my tardiness.

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