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{Blog Tour: Excerpt & E-Book Giveaway} TO CATCH A RIPPLE by K. Rosemont

ISBN #: 978-1629890128 (Paperback)
ASIN #: B00GBF6A0C (Kindle)
Page Count: 280 (Paperback), 226 (Kindle)
Copyright: 10/15/13 (Paperback), 10/29/13 (Kindle)
Publisher: World Castle Publishing, LLC

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Helen Knight, 32, has fallen in love for the first time, but under the Seagrave curse love is forbidden. Robert Seagrave, a charming, elusive novelist, is bound to the spell which chains him to Lord Gabriel, the head of the family who dictates what the Seagraves can do, where they can live, who they can love. No one can leave the community and no outsider can enter. To free the man she loves, Helen tries to break the spell and as she unearths secrets darker than the curse, she becomes the focus of Lord Gabriel’s wrath.


If Rob wasn’t interested in Della why was he flirting with her? Helen wondered. Is he just playing a game?

“You’re probably wondering what all that was about, with me and Della.”

“The thought crossed my mind.”

He paused, seeming to consider whether or not to tell her. “I had to do it to protect Francis.”

“To protect Francis from Della?”

 “No, no. From the family.”

“From the family?”

“We have some strange traditions.” He didn’t look at her.

 “Rob.” Helen gathered her courage, leaned close and asked, “what is going on?”

“Going on?”

She gave him the look she gave her students when she knew they were lying. “For some reason, you Seagraves have to hide your relationships, just like Vincent and Angie. But, why?”

Rob remained silent.

 “Why would Gabriel send Raphael to spy on us?”

“Spy on us?”

“He knows we stay up all night talking. Trees block the view from the road. The only way he’d know that is if he came into the yard and watched through our front window.”

Worry crossed his face, followed by anger.

“But, why would Gabriel care what we do? Angie said you’re bound to him through tradition, but I don’t believe that. No tradition would allow a man to take a child from a dying woman, or to terrorize a girl so she would leave her boyfriend. And why would you obey the summons on a Sunday morning for a man you can’t stand?”

He pursed his lips. His right hand clenched his left fist.

“Rob, please tell me the truth. I have to know why there’s a man creeping outside my window.”

He glanced at the door, grasped her hand, and brought her to the dark corner by the pantry. She couldn’t look away from his expression, and she shivered. She didn’t know what he was going to say and she didn’t know if she wanted to know, but she needed to know the truth. He held her hands in his. She caught the scent of peppermint as he leaned towards her and said, “There’s a curse on my family.”

“A curse?”

“It’s like a shadow over everything we do. Vincent, Edward, Francis, we’re all bound to the head of the family, because Gabriel’s the core. We aren’t free to live. We aren’t free to love. But, that’s us, not you. Helen, don’t be afraid of Raphael or Gabriel. I’ll protect you. I won’t let anyone hurt you, I promise.”

“You’ll protect me?”

 He placed a warm hand on her cheek. “I’d do anything to keep you safe.”

She caught her breath. “You would?” He’d protect her in a way her own mother hadn’t.

He touched her lips with his fingertips. “Anything.”

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