Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{Review} THE VAMPIRE AFFAIR by Vivi Anna

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Page Count: 70
Copyright: April 1, 2013

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Makayla Bradley risks everything including her first job as a journalist to get the goods on billionaire playboy businessman Jonathan Devane. A man who enthralled her from a single passionate kiss months prior in a Toronto nightclub. A man who makes her blood race and her insides throb. A man with dark secrets...

Mandy's Review:

It's true what they say: "Big things come in small packages." Although this novella is 70 pages long, it packs a sexual wallop that'll get your libido kicked into gear. The author is obviously a master teaser. The novella ended at a perfect place leaving me wanting more.

Jonathan is a sexually attractive bad boy that any girl would dream of spending, at least, one night with. Makayla is the perfect flirty temptress trying to get Jonathan's attention so she can eek an interview out of him. Her editor has promised that if Makayla can get the dirt on Jonathan she can pretty much write her ticket to a writing job at any magazine she wishes to go to. Makayla uses that as motivation in her quest to get the interview out of Jonathan ... as if getting Jonathan in bed wasn't motivation enough.

I don't know how many parts there are to this story, but I want to read them all. I like a little naughty bedtime story before hitting the sheets with the hubs. I think you would, too. *wink wink*

*An ecopy of this novella was provided by the author's assistant in exchange for an honest review.

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