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{Review} CRUEL by Eli Wilde

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Copyright: January 20, 2013
Publisher: Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

Book Summary:
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When he was a very young child, Evan Jameson believed in angels. He thought they were watching out for him, protecting more than merely his innocence, he thought they were supposed to stop bad people from doing bad things to him.

After his family moved house and he went to school for the first time, he started to believe in monsters. Seeing them each day as they cruelled their way through his formative years, he realised angels were not looking out for him after all. And God too, He seemed to be looking out for someone other than Evan.

Despite the sun searing images of his childhood nightmares into his mind like a laser etched from hell, Evan managed to hide them from his conscience, never gazing upon them until he was older and his first child was born. Even then, it was not until he felt the first urge to cruel his baby son that he began to search for reasons why. What he revealed when he gazed into his dark past, was not only the reason why he could become a monster, but also the reason why he awakened each day wanting to end his life.

Mandy's Review:

I must say, my mind resisted this book from beginning to end. There was so much bad, cruel things happening that it was hard to find any light or goodness in this book.

Evan was a little too trusting of the older kids in his neighborhood and they did things to him that shocked me. What shocked me even more was that Evan didn't tell anyone what had happened ... and he kept wanting to hang around these kids! It didn't take all of these cruel acts to mess Evan's head up. The boy was already messed up and the cruel acts compounded his mental issues.

The childhood cruelties eventually evolved into Evan killing animals ... a natural enough course for any psychopath. The images of his killings were vivid enough to disturb me and almost made me stop reading.

Overall, Mr. Wilde's use of imagery was exceptional. The plot, however, is not my cup of tea. I like a more balanced story. One that involves both good and evil, if evil is a part of the plot. All those who are fans of darkness would definitely enjoy Cruel.

*An ecopy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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