Sunday, May 26, 2013

{Review} Unshakeable Faith by Monroe & Jeri May

ISBN #: 978-1449778781
Page Count: 422
Copyright: December 28, 2012
Publisher: WestBowPress

(Taken from the back cover)

This is a story of one family's faith, strengthened in the face of tragedy. When their youngest daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, they were faced with the choice to abandon or embrace their faith. Share their journey in these pages and be inspired to awaken or deepen your faith.

Monroe and Jeri May have walked through the loss of their daughter, McKenzie, and have been able to maintain their marriage, their nuclear family, and their faith. They pray that this book helps the reader to survive, with the help of faith in Jesus Christ, whatever tragedy they experience. Monroe and Jeri are still grieving for their daughter today, something they expect will never go away. However, they work and play, they move forward in life, and they find joy despite the pain. The source of their joy is Jesus. They believe that, because He hold McKenzie in heaven, they will see her again someday.

Charlene's Review:

Just shy of three-years-old, Jeri and Monroe May's daughter, McKenzie, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Unshakeable Faith follows the family from diagnosis through McKenzie's final days. Written in a diary-like format, both during treatment, and reflecting back, by both parent, we learn of the day to day struggles, the pain and misery of watching your child spiral into illness, and of their ultimate gift of faith in helping them manage.

Unshakeable Faith is obviously a story of religious belief, but it also the story of a "normal" family trying to come to grips with a devastating illness. Relying, unashamedly, on Jesus, they faced their struggles with heavy hearts and the knowledge that God may not save their little girl, but chose to praise Him anyway. I was deeply touched by their raw emotions, questions, and unwavering faith.

While dealing with a heavy subject, I was uplifted by the family's strength, and how they were able to hold it all together in the face of such pain. Monroe's openness, Jeri's hopefulness, and daughter, Caroline's eloquent Foreward all combine to make a captivating read, that, while lengthy, ends all too soon with an unimaginable decision, and the loss of their beloved earth angel.

Written with such a Christ-centered perspective, Unshakeable Faith brings hope and triumph to their unspeakable anguish. I was truly humbled to have been witness to their story.

*A physical copy was provided by the authors' publicist in exchange for an honest review.

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