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{Review} Stolen: Cinderella's Secret Diaries (Book 2) by Ron Vitale

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Book Summary:
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For ten years, Cinderella has raised her daughter on her own in America. But a mysterious witch hunter finds her and gives her a message that the Faerie Queen, Mab, searches to destroy her and he asks her to return to England. Fearing that she will be pulled back into the maelstrom of war sprouting throughout Europe, Cinderella flees and wishes to remain free. Yet with Napoleon now Emperor of France and the pawn of Queen Mab, only England still resists him. Pestilence and War have sprouted throughout Europe and Cinderella's magic powers are needed to defeat Napoleon. The further Cinderella runs from her fate, the more she is drawn back. Her long lost love, Henri, is still ever in her mind and in running she learns of a dark secret that forever changes her and sets her off on a course she might never survive ...

Mandy's Review:

I rather enjoyed the first book in this series, Lost (which you can check out my review of it here), so I was eagerly anticipating reading Stolen. I must say that I didn't like Stolen as much as I did Lost. At first, it appeared that Stolen was about Cinderella's defeat of Queen Mab. Upon my reflection of the book after finishing, it seemed that this book was more of a set up for the third novel in this series.

Cinderella, Renee, and Phoebe are still in America when Stolen opens up. Cinderella's been traveling the dream line to go back to Henri over and over again, hoping that it will ignite his love for her. She's also been having dreams concerning Queen Mab, a witch hunter, and Phoebe's death. When the witch hunter finally catches up to her, it's to bring her back to her ex-mother-in-law, the Queen of England. Cinderella refuses to go back ... until the promise of seeing Henri and the potential harm to her daughter overcomes her selfish desire to stay away.

Speaking of Henri ... the man is a cad. Yet, for some unknown reason, Cinderella remains in love with him. Her obsession of him is a little much for me. It's been ten years, for Pete's sake ... let the man go. It's obsessions like hers that causes men to consider women as psycho. He doesn't love her and has told her as much several times, yet she refuses to believe it.

Queen Mab isn't who she appears to be. Yes, she's the Queen of the faeries, but she's "related" to someone very close to Cinderella. So, does that make Cinderella evil? Or is Queen Mab not as bad as the rest of the world seems to think?

I did enjoy the twists and turns that the author put into this story. Just when I thought I knew something about the story, it turned out I'd be wrong. I actually like it when that happens because a predictable book is a somewhat boring book. What I missed in this book was the purpose behind it. All that seemed to be accomplished was that Cinderella eventually came to terms with Henri's lack of love for her and the death of several people ... but not the ones that should have died. As I mentioned earlier, this book just seemed to be setting up for the third novel.

Stolen was well-written and engaging ... I just wished there was a greater purpose to the story. I'm still interested in reading the third installment to see what happens next.

*An ecopy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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