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{Review} Fractured Time by Alan Draven

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Copyright: August 27, 2011
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books

Book Summary:
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Donovan Vicar is a "feeler" - a man who feels the vibrations of people around him. One October evening on his way home, he bumps into a man that he senses to be particularly evil. The man is heading to Dallas, Texas. Donovan embarks on a late bus ride to seek him out. As the empty bus leaves the station in foggy Bitternest, Louisiana, Donovan falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is disoriented by what he sees - he is still in Bitternest, only his surroundings seem more primitive and unfamiliar. He is shocked to realize that he has traveled back in time to the year 1957 and that the city is plagued by the mysterious disappearances of numerous young women. Everything points to Timothy Crane, a man alleged to have many shady associations and rumored to be dabbling in black magic.

Aided by Ritchie Campbell, a young man with his share of dark secrets, and his old friend Edgar Ward, Donovan finds himself caught up with the events unfurling in Bitternest. He is slowly coming to terms with his gifts as a "feeler" and only begins to get a glimpse of all the power brewing inside him. The stakes are raised and everything culminates into one fateful night leaving them less than a week to figure out what Crane is really up to and how to stop him. It might also be Donovan's only chance to ever get back home ...

Mandy's Review:

This book wasn't what I expected it to be. It's actually better than what I thought it would be. I've always enjoyed a good time travel story (i.e. Back to the Future) and this did not disappoint.

Donovan's gift is that he can "feel" whether a person is good or evil. There's no specifics with his gift; he cannot "see" or "know" what it is that makes a person good or evil. As a matter of fact, he's pretty much useless with his gift in the year 2007. It's not until he goes back in time to 1957 that he finally learns how to utilize his gift and becomes powerful.

Apparently, in 1957, the crap is about to hit the fan. Women are going cuckoo killing people, the weather is acting chaotic, and it all can be attributed to one person: Timothy Crane. Mr. Crane does not deny that he has power. He's more than happy to let everyone think he's the cause (which he is).

Using the help of a few newly found friends, along with a couple of police officers, Donovan makes it his mission to bring down Timothy Crane ... even if it means he stays stuck in 1957.

With a mixture of the supernatural, suspense, and the tried-and-true good-versus-evil conflict, Fractured Time will keep fans of the suspense genre on their toes and ready for more.

*An ecopy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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