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{Review} Eon's Door by J. G. McKenney

ISBN #: 978-0987682314
Page Count: 316
Copyright: July 10, 2011
Publisher: J. G. McKenney

Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

The Dark Forest is moving and a horde of bloodthirsty monsters is on the hunt. For the peaceful denizens of Erla, time is running out.

Two thousand years after three clans flee the world of humans through Eon's Door to find sanctuary in a realm called Erla, a prophecy left to them by the ancient race that created the tree portal is coming true. A trusted sage has stolen the portal's key and is using the awesome power that separated the worlds to tear apart the very soul of Nature. The key must be taken back and Eon's Door closed - before it's too late.

Hope lies with a "child of doubt" from the world the clans left behind and the courageous young Erlan who's been sent to find him. Together they must retrieve the key to Eon's Door. It won't be easy; abominations of beasts and trees stand between them and their goal. Even worse, the sage knows the prophecy and is waiting for them.

Eon's Door is a fantasy adventure recommended for readers age 12 and up.

Kathy's Review:

You know how in the Song of Ice and Fire series, there's an appendix in the back that lists all the Houses and the people who belong to each house? And half the time you read those names and you think, who the heck is that?!?

Eon's Door begins with a roster of all the groups of real and fantasy people. My initial thought: uh-oh. I'm never going to remember all of this.

The writing here is solid, but as I suspected, I quickly became lost in the story as I struggled to remember who was who and what species they were, etc. There are wolves, eagles, people, trees, and more, all with names and who talk. With an e-book it's not easy to continue to flip back to the character guide to see who's who.

Then part two starts, and there's a whole new cast of characters! Sheesh! Even George R. R. Martin waited until Book Four to spring a whole bunch of new people on us.

Overall, a bit muddled and the plot is stretched out a bit. A lot of world building and character establishment. Not my cup of tea but may be up your alley if you're a fantasy reader.

*An ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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