Sunday, April 28, 2013

{Blog Tour/Giveaway} The Grace Painter by Mark Romang

ISBN #: 978-1482687057
Page Count: 314
Copyright: March 9, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Book Summary:

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is the one reflecting back at you from inside a mirror. Matthew London can attest to this difficult truth. Ever since the former NYPD hostage negotiator changed his identity and fled New York City for the backwaters of Louisiana, regret has ruled his life.

For eight years London has lived like a hermit in a declining plantation house. Only his talent for painting Renaissance-style murals and paintings keeps the inner-demons from totally destroying him. Each day the disgraced hostage negotiator longs for a chance at redemption, never expecting it to actually happen. But then a down-on-her-luck FBI agent shows up on his doorstep one evening. It turns out Jean-Paul and Sebastian Boudreaux, two local brothers famous for lawlessness have inadvertently kidnapped a little girl.

London is quickly thrust into the starring role of a daring rescue attempt. But before he can rescue the child from the dangerous Boudreaux brothers, he first must find a way to forgive himself for a past misstep, a blunder that forever altered his once promising life. But in the Atchafalaya Basin swampland, nothing is promised. Grace cannot be purchased or earned. It can only be given.

Author's Bio:

I was born in 1967. Avid reader, suspense novelist, faithful husband, baffled father, factory worker, reformed head-banger, failed musician, contact sports lover, MMA enthusiast, distressed KC sports fan, Lord of the Rings geek, workout fiend, dog owner, nature lover, proud American, disgruntled voter, pistachio addict, caffeine-riddled, screw-up saved by grace, sojourner. This is me in a nutshell.

Mandy's Review:


I do love all of the green on the cover. It lends a somberness to the man standing in front of the easel which, when you read his story, you realize is an apt tone for Matthew's new life.

The definition of the title is also revealed while reading the story. I appreciated that the author gave a new view to an often disregarded entity.

Plot/Main Characters

Matthew has been dealt a crushing blow to his psyche. He witnessed his best friend commit suicide after murdering his wife and goddaughter. Instead of staying in New York City and dealing with the pain, he purchases a new identity and runs away to south Louisiana to start a new life. Once there, he rents a plantation house from an old lady while dabbling in painting and working as a crawfish and alligator harvester.

Annie is an FBI agent dealing with deep emotional issues from a kidnapping she endured 20 years prior. Her career is dedicated to her own personal vendetta against the Boudreaux family.

Annie and Matt meet under extreme circumstances. He eventually agrees to help her rescue Gabby, the little girl inadvertently kidnapped by Sebastian and Jean-Paul Boudreaux. What then ensues is a lot of action mixed with tension and a race against time.


This was an enjoyable thrill-ride that packed a lot of emotion. I was pulled in from the beginning and didn't want to stop reading it until the novel was over. Any fan of Christian fiction, who also enjoys action, needs to read The Grace Painter. Mark Romang will become one of your new favorite authors.

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  1. Mandy, thanks for the review of Mark's book. I really enjoyed your thoughts on the cover. Very cool :)

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  3. Mandy, thanks so much for reviewing The Grace Painter. It's an honor to be on Literary R&R.


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