Thursday, April 11, 2013

{Review} The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers

ISBN #: 978-1451673012
Page Count: 336
Copyright: February 12, 2013
Publisher: Atria Books

Book Summary:
(Taken from dustjacket flap)

Five years ago, Tia fell into obsessive love with a man she could never have. Married, and the father of two boys, Nathan was unavailable in every way. When she became pregnant, he disappeared, and she gave up her baby for adoption.

Five years ago, Caroline, a dedicated pathologist, reluctantly adopted a baby to please her husband. She prayed her misgivings would disappear; instead, she's questioning whether she's cut out for the role of wife and mother.

Five years ago, Juliette considered her life ideal: she had a solid marriage, two beautiful young sons, and a thriving business. Then she discovered Nathan's affair. He promised he'd never stray again, and she trusted him.

But when Juliette intercepts a letter to her husband from Tia that contains pictures of a child with a deep resemblance to her husband, her world crumbles once more. How could Nathan deny his daughter? And if he's kept this a secret from her, what else is he hiding? Desperate for the truth, Juliette goes in search of the little girl. And before long, the three women and Nathan are on a collision course with consequences that none of them could have predicted.

Mandy's Review:

The title is an oxymoron in that there is no comfort in lies. Lies create feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, and general discomfort. When you lie there are consequences that must be dealt with when the truth is found out. And, trust me, the truth always comes to light.

Just about every main character in this book is lying to someone: Tia is lying to herself and then to her new boyfriend Bobby, Nathan is lying to both Tia and Juliette, Juliette is lying to her sons, Carol is lying to her husband and adopted daughter. Tia lies to herself by telling herself that Nathan truly loves her. Nathan lies to Juliette by not telling her he's having an affair. Carol lies to her husband and adopted daughter by pretending she wants to be a mother when she really just wants her life back before they adopted the little girl.

When the truth begins to surface everyone seems to want to lay blame on others instead of taking responsibility for their own decisions. Example: Juliette now has a hard time trusting Nathan since she's found out about his affair yet she's the one who decided to keep him around after his confession. Another example: Tia blames Nathan for deceiving her when the truth was in front of her the entire time they were together.

Here's what I've always believed: You always have a choice. In every situation. You may not like the choices you have, but they're always there. If you decide to accept being lied to, then don't blame anyone but yourself when the truth finally comes to light. Women know when their men are cheating. It's like we're born with this antenna inside of us. If you choose to ignore that warning bell inside your head, well ...

Overall, I did enjoy this book. I'm happy that things turned out the way they did for everyone. It's definitely an interesting story made unique by telling it in third person. And, I'm not tell you how but, everything turns out well for all those involved.

*A hardcopy of the novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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