Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: The Scar by Michael S. Weiner

ISBN #: 978-1843866572
Page Count: 158
Copyright: 2010

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

As a homicide detective, David Seff witnesses some of the most gruesome things life has to offer.  He puts his life in danger every day that he comes to work, visits perilous areas most people wouldn't step foot in, and deals with the scum of the earth.  Catching criminals is what David Seff does best.  This is why he was chosen to lead a task force to discover who shot and killed the well-respected Reverend Michael.  At first the detective thought it was a random act of violence, but it turns out to be the first victim of a homicidal serial killer.  Throughout the story, you will go back in time to the killer's life as a boy and his desolate life at home with an abusive father, a terrifying encounter in New York City after running away from home, and the grisly murders.  The hunt is on.  Will Detective Seff catch the mysterious man causing hysteria amongst the people of Pennsylvania, or will there be no end to the bloodshed?

Charlene's Review:

The Scar is a psychological thriller that packs a punch!  A relatively short novel of only 152 pages, yet filled with murder, mystery and unexpected twists.  The main character is Detective David Seff, who is assigned to catch a serial murderer.  The book focuses on the ongoing task of catching the killer, but I especially liked how every other chapter is written in the "voice" of the murderer.  We take a look back at a troubled past of abuse and how he came to have a "gift" of seeing evil within people.  His acts of murder are justified to him, and perhaps the victims weren't as upstanding as they seemed.

I thought, at first, that the storyline was too predictable.  I was wrong.  It literally kept me guessing right up to the last chapter.  The Scar occasionally slowed me down with dialogue that didn't seem to flow, and extraneous details, but I have to say it was an entertaining suspense-filled ride.  Upon finishing the book, I had to wonder if I should be disturbed by the mind of the killer, or even more disturbed by how Mr. Weiner managed to come up with this plot line. =)  He is a master of the crime thriller.  Looking forward to his next work!

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