Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: How You Find A Job Fast by Don Schenk & Ted Leithart, MBA

ISBN #: 978-1937201128
Page Count: 126
Copyright: 2011

Book Teaser:
(Taken from back cover)

I was talking with another hiring manager when he said to me, "I almost always know within the first 30 or 40 seconds if I am going to hire a particular person."

So I asked him, "What would you do if someone walked into the interview and handed you a L.E.A.P. form?" And I described to him the simple form you are about to discover in this book.

He said, "I would hire them on the spot!"

Discover how to make the magic happen for you during the first 30 to 40 seconds of your job-interview!

Kathy's Review:

On a personal note, I just went through the interview process recently, and started a new job a few weeks ago.  So a lot of this information would have been helpful to me during my job search.  Overall, the advice given in the book is good, and it is easy to read because of the personal anecdotes and humor used.  However, the mistakes and typos in the book were plentiful.  Here is my advice to Mr. Schenk and Leithart, MBA (WHY do people put MBA after their name? Any idiot can get an MBA these days): spell check does not equal proofreading.  There were a lot of instances of using "if" instead of "of."  Spell check wouldn't catch that; it's spelled correctly!  Anyhow, that kind of stuff really bugs me. (And by the way, you can hire me as a proofreader!)

The L.E.A.P. system they discuss in the book is a self-marketing tool you can use with potential employers.  The authors also discuss several other methods of marketing yourself such as coming up with a Unique Selling Proposition for yourself, elevator speech about your qualities, and more.  They offer several e-books for download on their website, as well as the L.E.A.P. template.  I visited the site, but it required an e-mail address, and I wasn't comfortable giving up that info.  Not to mention, the form itself, which they go over in the book, has a few typos in it.  So if any job seekers download and use the form - please read it carefully before using!  It could cost you the job to have a spelling error on something that is supposed to be setting you apart from the crowd.

I think with a little bit of tweaking and formatting, this could be a really good job hunter's guide.  As I was reading, though, I kept picturing a tired little conference room in a Holiday Inn somewhere with these two guys standing at a podium, trying to convince some downtrodden folks to part with a few bucks to buy their ebooks.  Hey, everybody's gotta make a buck, right?  In short - great material, but poor execution.

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