Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Night Machines by Kia Heavey

ISBN #: 978-0615487090
Page Count: 304
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

Who would it hurt, if Maggie decided to carry on a torrid affair in her mind? It would soothe her feelings, hurt by her husband's emotional abandonment while he worked on a disturbing new murder case.  It would provide an outlet for the dizzying desire she felt for her employer. It would make her feel loved and appreciated and better able to be a good wife and mother.

But Maggie loses control of the fantasy as lust becomes love, and things she believed confined to her own imagination are somehow known to her spectral lover. A harmless mind game spins out of control and threatens the sanctity of Maggie's greatest treasure - her family.

Charlene's Review:


That is what I thought when I finished the last page.  Main character, Maggie, has it all.  A secure relationship with her husband, two adorable children, and a new job doing what she loves.  She is also lonely for her husband, a detective, who is increasingly away from home and preoccupied with a murder.

When Maggie decides that a little harmless dream-time affair might help her through the lull in her marriage, she gets more than she bargained for.  Turns out, Cambien, her boss and fantasy lover, can actually see into her dreams, and ingrain himself into her life, so much more than she ever bargained for.

I received Night Machines in the mail this afternoon (Friday, 9/16).  Somewhat reluctantly, I opened to the first page, thinking it would be some tawdry romance novel.  By the time I reached the second chapter, I was hooked, and read it straight through.  Ms. Heavey weaves personalities together in such a way that you feel you know them personally.  I was caught up in the emotions of all the characters, and mesmerized by the depths of madness that lurk in Cambien's mind.  Every seemingly unconnected detail eventually shows itself to be a part of the bigger picture.  Far more than romance, Night Machines is a thriller, a fantasy, a mystery.  Yes, folks, we have a winner!!  Can't wait to read Ms. Heavey's next book.

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