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Review: The Protectors by Elizabeth Loraine

The Protectors: A Royal Blood Chronicle (Volume 2)
ISBN #: 9781453788110
Page Count: 299
Copyright: 2010

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

Exciting author Elizabeth Loraine brings the second in her series Royal Blood Chronicles which follow Katrina, The Chosen leader of the Five Protectors.  It's a swashbuckling, page turning adventure, that crosses continents with a writing style which lets you see the action and breathtaking surroundings with your mind.  The Five use their paranormal gifts, lightening speed and razor sharp blades to fight the evil that threatens all the peaceful races of the world including their race - Vampires.

Mandy's Review:


I like that the cover only shows half of a person's body.  It emphasizes the arm with the hand holding the sword, ready to do battle ... ready to fight ... ready to protect.


This book started off right where the first one left off, which I like.  I don't like to read a series where the next book in line doesn't start out where it makes sense ... know what I mean?

The story was fast-paced with a few twist and turns I wasn't expecting.  This book also enhanced your knowledge of several characters while introducing you to new ones who, I'm sure, will play an integral part in subsequent books.


Katrina - Stronger, more intelligent, more willing to trust her instincts ... all make her a better leader of The Five.

Rosa - One of The Five - She is self-assured and confident in her looks and abilities to get men to do and say what she needs them to.

El - One of The Five - She is strong, powerful and has good instincts.  What irritates me about her is that, despite all of her good qualities, she is willing to make excuses for a man's wrongful behavior towards her!!!  Ugh!  To depict her as somewhat emotionally weak when she is in this powerful group of women is annoying to me.  She doesn't have to be as straightforward as Rosa or as independent as Katrina, but she should not be making any excuses for a man when he is acting like she is his property and not a cherished or desired lady.  Can you tell this type of thing annoys me ... ???  =)


I am still intrigued by this series, which is a good thing.  I enjoy the fact that Ms. Loraine is talented enough to end her books at the perfect stopping points.  This allows the next book to begin "in transit" while still maintaining its individuality.  So far, I would recommend this series to young adults who enjoy vampiric storylines.

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