Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Katrina, The Beginning by Elizabeth Loraine

ISBN #: 9781453778180
Page Count: 335
Copyright: August 2010

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

The High Regent has called members of each royal vampire family to Council.  Katrina Von Dracek wonders what this will mean to her.

Does the Council really intend to send the young royals to start a new coven in the Americas or is there something else?

All Katrina's vampire senses tell her evil is all around them and that she will be the one called upon to save them all.

Mandy's Review:


The darkness of the cover reinforces the idea that vampires are dark and mysterious.  The silhouette of the lady's face makes one unerringly assume that it is the same Katrina that the book was named after.


There was some action and romance in this book.  However ... I felt like this book was mainly focused on introducing the characters, not only to the readers but, to each other as well.  It was a solid foundation for the remainder of the series.  It gave you a sense of who the characters were and where they may be heading in subsequent novels.

Main Characters

Katrina - A headstrong, independent female born and raised to know how to fight well.  She becomes sort of a "leader" among her vampiric female friends.

Quinn - Katrina's Watcher and brief love interest.

Damien - Katrina's soul mate ... wait ... do vampires have souls?  Would he be her soulless mate?


This was a nice introduction to the Royal Blood Chronicles.  I'm curious to see what happens in the next book, The Protectors.

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