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May's BintoM Monthly Giveaway (#4)

Time for the BintoM Monthly Giveaway meme began, and hosted, by me! =)  I began this because I know I have a habit of comparing books to movies, and vice versa, when a movie is based on a book.  This meme is not to bring attention to those books that were written AFTER the movie, but before.

Here's how it's going to work:

  • Towards the end of the month, I will post the next month's giveaway. 
  • I will leave it open for 2 to 3 weeks.  At that time, a winner (or winners, if I'm feeling generous) will be chosen and notified. 
  • I will expect the winner to acknowledge the winning email within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen in their place. 
  • This is now open internationally
  • You do not need to be a GFC follower to win.  Yes, I would like it if you followed me, but I am not making that a stipulation to participate or to win.

So, for May, thanks to your votes in last month's BintoM Giveaway, we have Charlotte's Web book/movie combo as the prize.  This giveaway will end on May 8th. 

Here's a little bit about both:

Charlotte's Web

I have a brand new copy of Charlotte's Web written by E. B. White

Summary:  The book begins when John Arable's sow gives birth to a litter of piglets, and Mr. Arable discovers one of them is a runt and decides to kill it. However, his eight year old daughter Fern begs him to let it live. Therefore her father gives it to Fern as a pet, and she names the piglet Wilbur. Wilbur is hyperactive and always exploring new things. He lives with Fern for a few weeks and then is sold to her uncle, Homer Zuckerman. Although Fern visits him at the Zuckermans' farm as often as she can, (her visits decrease as she grows older) Wilbur gets lonelier day after day. Eventually, a warm and soothing voice tells him that she is going to be his friend. The next day, he wakes up and meets his new friend: Charlotte, the grey spider.

Wilbur soon becomes a member of the community of animals who live in the cellar of Zuckerman's barn. When the old sheep in the barn cellar tells Wilbur that he is going to be killed and eaten at Christmas, he turns to Charlotte for help. Charlotte has the idea of writing words in her web extolling Wilbur's excellence, reasoning that if she can make Wilbur sufficiently famous, he will not be killed. Thanks to Charlotte's efforts, and with the assistance of the gluttonous rat Templeton, Wilbur not only lives, but goes to the county fair with Charlotte and wins a prize. Having reached the end of her natural lifespan, Charlotte dies at the fair. Wilbur repays Charlotte by bringing home with him the sac of eggs she had laid at the fair before dying. When Charlotte's eggs hatch at Zuckerman's farm, most of them leave to make their own lives elsewhere, except for three: Joy, Aranea, and Nellie, who remain there as friends to Wilbur; but none of them can replace Charlotte.

To go along with the book, I have a brand new copy of the 1973 animated Charlotte's Web the movie:

Charlotte's Web (Widescreen Edition)

Blurb:  Can a small grey spider become a giant when it comes to saving a friend?  She can if her name is Charlotte ... and she resides in Charlotte's Web!

E.B. White's timeless children's story comes magically to life in this colorful, tune-filled animated musical.  Join Charlotte, a young girl named Fern Arable, Wilbur the Pig, Templeton the Rat and the other delightful barnyard animals in this enduring story of friendship, trust and love.  Charlotte may be small when compared to her friends, but her loyalty and determination when Wilbur's life is threatened is as big as the barn in which she lives.  Here's an extraordinary animated adventure that will keep you laughing and singing along with the unforgettable Charlotte and her friends!

DVD Special Features:

"Meet the Animals" - Set-top guessing game

Theatrical trailer

DVD Info:

94 Minutes

Rated G

Widescreen Version

Featuring the Voices of:

Debbie Reynolds (Charlotte)
Paul Lynde (Templeton)
Henry Gibson (Wilbur)
Agnes Moorehead (The Goose)

Wait!!! That's not all!!! =)  I also have a brand new copy of the 2006 film adaptation of Charlotte's Web!!!

Charlotte's Web (Widescreen Edition)

Blurb: Now you can share the magic as a tiny spider spins a great tale of friendship and adventure in this dazzling film version of E.B. White's beloved children's book.

DVD Terrific Special Features:

Music Video "Ordinary Miracle" by Sarah McLachlan

Deleted Scenes

Hilarious Gag Reel

Charlotte's Web Storybook Creator

7 Exciting Featurettes Including "How Do They Do That?"

And So Much More!

DVD Info:

96 Minutes

Rated G

Widescreen Version

Main Actors & Featuring the Voices of:

Julia Roberts
Dakota Fanning
Steve Buscemi
John Cleese
Oprah Winfrey
Cedric the Entertainer
Kathy Bates
Reba McEntire
Robert Redford
Thomas Haden Church
Andre Benjamin
Kevin Anderson
Beau Bridges

Enter below for your chance to win and good luck!

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