Friday, August 28, 2020

{Review} IN AN INSTANT by Suzanne Redfearn


I bought this book for my Kindle on a whim while I was sitting at work on my lunch break bored because I had forgotten my physical book that I was currently reading. The first thing that caught my attention was the cover. One, because I thought it gorgeous. Two, because I MISS THE SNOW (insert ugly crying here ... okay, not really). Once my eye was caught, I read the summary and became even more intrigued.

In an Instant is written from the perspective of a dead girl. Beautiful cover, grotesque plot? Nope, not in the least.

Finn is one of three daughters, and one of four children, to Jack and Ann. She has a best friend, Mo, and, when we meet Finn, she is currently at a bridal shop not being the most attentive maid of honor for her sister, Aubrey. Leaving the bridal shop, Aunt Karen (who really isn't an aunt, but Finn's mom's best friend) talks Finn into driving her mom's brand new car home from the shop. Ann, Finn's mom, is not keen on the idea because, HELLOOOO ... Brand. New. Car. 

Well, Aunt Karen succeeds in talking Finn into driving home. On the way, Finn gets into an accident ... nothing major, but there is damage to the front end. Ann, after checking on all parties involved, drives the rest of the way home. To say she's pissed is an understatement. Add that to the marital problems her and Jack are having and she's just a big ole ray of sunshine. So, what's a family to do?


Jack decides that a trip to the ole family cabin a few hours away for a few days would be good for everyone. He, Ann, Finn, Aubrey, Chloe (the third sister/daughter), Vance (Chloe's boyfriend), Oz (the son), Bingo (the dog), Mo, Aunt Karen, Uncle Bob, and Natalie (Karen and Bob's daughter and an annoyance to Finn and Mo) all load up in one vehicle and head out to the cabin. At the cabin, everyone quickly unloads the van and gets ready to head to a local diner. Finn sits up front while Jack drives. Not to long after they leave, they come across a guy stuck on the side of the road. They offer to give him a ride to town since there's no cell service where he's stuck at. He accepts and climbs in the back with everyone else. Once they're on their way again, a buck runs out in front of them causing Jack to swerve, miss the deer, hit the old guardrail, and go over the side of the mountain. Thus, the death of Finn.

This may sound like the end of the story, but it's not. Finn is tied to the earthly realm while her family continues living the next few months or so without her. They struggle with their grief, with living, with finding purpose after the accident. Finn witnesses it all and is unable to help.

Will she ever leave earth and head towards her final destination? Will her family survive their heartbreak and learn to live again?

In an Instant is a quick read, even though there are over 90 chapters. Fortunately, they're not long and the premise of the story is interesting enough to keep you reading. It also made me wonder if people's spirits really do linger after death. It's interesting to think about.

Overall, I'd give this book 3 1/2 stars for its originality with a few plot issues (nothing major, just a couple things that made me question their validity).


  1. Nice review, thanks for sharing your thoughts

    1. Thanks! And thank you for stopping by to read my reviews every day. You're the best! =)


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