Friday, August 21, 2020

Home Again, Home Again


Hi, everyone!!!

Yes, I know ... I'm back again. I tried to create a review blog on Wix. That didn't feel right or work out. I stopped reading and reviewing for the longest time afterward ... like 2 1/2 years. When I got back into reading and was ready to review again, I tried creating a new blog on Blogger under a different name. It didn't feel right. So, my only option? To come back home. To you.

I'm so excited to be back. I decided to make a change this time around. I'll no longer be reviewing indie authors. My apologies to the authors looking to get their name out there, but I've got to draw a line somewhere. My first time here I accepted 97% of the review requests that were sent to me. I became overwhelmed very quickly and, eventually, became burned out ... thus, my sabbatical.

Thankfully, my life is such that I've decided to end my time away and get back into the thick of things. I cannot wait to reconnect with you all. Let's talk about books, movies, life, and everything else we can think of ... I've missed you and I'm glad to be back home. 

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