Monday, December 7, 2015

{Review} LOVING LOVELY by Diane Paley

ISBN #: 978-1910530900
Page Count: 198
Copyright: August 3, 2015
Publisher: Mirador Publishing

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

LOVING LOVELY is a powerful story of deep love that most people only dream about but few rarely achieve. A man who has recurring dreams of a woman falls deeply in love. In his dreams the woman never speaks nor does she have a name-so he names her LOVELY. His personal love life suffers in comparison to his deep attraction and love for a woman who doesn't exist. But in the most unlikely circumstances the man does find LOVELY-and then loses her. She's a news reporter and war correspondent. While on what was supposed to be a short assignment in the Middle East covering the widespread global barbarism, she and her cameraman disappear. Will he find LOVELY again? Will he find love? Or is fate just not that kind?

Shelley's Review:

Loving Lovely is a book that appeals to people in all walks of life.  The family relationships and ethnic diversity represented makes this a book you cannot put down.

Two families are operating delis.  One is Jewish and the other Italian, and they are across from each other.  It is a friendly competition, and the families are friends.  They are a part of each other's lives

Vince is the son of the owner of the Italian Deli and he keeps having a dream.  It is of a woman who doesn't exist but he is completely obsessed with.  It is so vivid that it interferes with his ability to form a relationship with any flesh and blood woman.  After a few tries at a relationship, one of his conquests takes it to a  level and stalks Vince. A violent showdown ensues, during which Rita, a spurned lover of Vince enters the deli waving a gun and endangering the lives of his family. In his quest to find true love, he finally meets the guise of Emily Struthers, a local reporter, who is everything he wants.  They find in each other true love and become engaged.   But before the wedding can be planned, Emily is give the assignment of her life.  She infiltrates an Isis camp, and becomes a hostage.  The horrific crimes committed against her have changed her and left her a broken, different woman. Vince has  a heartfelt chat with Emily,  during which she explains that she has been forever changed and no long the Emily he fell in love with and releases him from his commitment.   At last, Vince turns to the beautiful Veronica who has been in love with him the whole time, and he has his happy ending.

Diane Paley is a clever and refreshing writer.  She uses the current climate of the day to relate to her readers. She offers several scenarios to appeal to many readers, and I look forward to her next book.

*A physical copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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