Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{Review} GHOST CHASER: THE CURSE OF STEEL by Dedrick Frazier

ISBN #: 978-1478750741
Page Count: 248
Copyright: February 13, 2015
Publisher: Outskirts Press

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Life is a tragic comedy. And then we die.

In a world that rarely allows for second chances, Dorian Steel has found himself with just such an opportunity. Orphaned as a baby and later incarcerated as a teen, his life has been anything but happy or normal. Now, the visions have started. The nightmares of a dark presence have brought him no peace, but rather an ominous warning. The demons from a past he does not know will not die. Still, that's only the beginning of his troubles. Hell is coming with razor-sharp claws.

A loner by nature, Steel prefers to keep his head low while creating works of art as a landscaper, but he cannot escape the ugly truth that you don't always get to choose your destiny--sometimes it chooses you. The psychic abilities that have been a curse in his eyes are stronger than he realizes and more important than he could ever imagine. He is a man riddled with guilt for his past mistakes and he does not let himself forget them. As a personal punishment, Steel keeps himself from the one woman that can make him happy, but that will change when his nightmares become reality. Soon, his fears and desires will collide. An ancient evil draws near. Andras is the god of quarrels. He is a pure-bred demon that was reared from the very flesh of Lucifer, but even Hell won't have this abomination.

Banished from the lakes of fire, Andras seeks to take the land that God made for man as his own--a second Hell. Hoping to unleash his thirty legions of demonic souls upon an unsuspecting human race, nothing short of complete annihilation will satisfy him, but there is one problem. A group of hunters has exiled the son of Lucifer to a dark, mountainous terrain in another dimension using a sacred and mystical weapon known as a Keris--a small curved dagger made centuries ago in Indonesia. In order for his reign to come to fruition, Andras must escape this prison.

Shelley's Review:

Ghost Chaser: The Curse of Steel by Dedrick Frazier  was an intriguing read.  Dorian Steel, the main character, represents the type of person that everyone knows. He is a victim of unfortunate circumstances, with no permanent home as a youth, and subjected to the foster care system.  A system that unfortunately fails him and he leaves him to fall in with the criminal element.  After he has paid for his crimes, he returns to Mystic, the town he grew up in, to ask Father John for advice.    He is tortured by images and demons that seek to destroy him and all that he holds dear.

Father John has had dealings with the demons haunting Dorian; unfortunately believing they have been destroyed in the past. Dorian enlists the help of Carmen Calliente, a friend and part of his foster family.  Dorian realizes he has feelings for Carmen and she becomes his adversary. In his attempt to help Dorian and Carmen, Father John is killed by the all too familiar demon.

Dorian experiences hallucinations, premonitions and is hunted down by the images of people he believed were friends.  No one and nothing is as he has believed and he eventually comes face to face with the demons in the timeless fight of good versus evil.

Mr. Frazier has created a thought provoking work of art.  The story is fascinating and draws the reader in to the point of searching their own beliefs.  Great book; people will be waiting anxiously for his next literary quest.

*A physical copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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