Tuesday, August 18, 2015

{Review} AUNT DIMITY AND THE SUMMER KING by Nancy Atherton

ISBN #: 978-0670026708
Page Count: 240
Copyright: April 14, 2015
Publisher: Viking

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Cozy mystery lovers’ favorite paranormal sleuth is back with her twentieth otherworldly adventure

It’s June, the roses are in bloom, and the small English village of Finch may be in big trouble. Two cottages are for sale, but something—or someone—is driving buyers away. Has a developer targeted Finch? Will property values skyrocket? Will a wave of wealthy weekenders drive out the longtime locals?

Lori Shepherd has a lot on her plate—a brand-new baby daughter, her father-in-law’s impending nuptials, and a visit from her dreaded aunts-in-law—but she refuses to stand back and watch while big money destroys her beloved village. Lori suspects that a local real estate agent is illicitly lining her pockets at Finch’s expense, but before she can prove it, she’s sidetracked by a chance encounter with an eccentric inventor. Arthur Hargreaves, dubbed the Summer King by his quirky family, is as warmhearted as the summer sun. In his presence, Lori forgets her troubles—and Finch’s. Lori snaps out of her happy trance when a series of unsettling discoveries shakes her faith in Arthur Hargreaves. She stumbles across a detailed map of Finch in Hillfont Abbey. An ancient feud between Finch and the Hargreaves family comes to light. Arthur appears to be making secret deals with the shady realtor. Is the Summer King as kind as he seems?

With Aunt Dimity’s otherworldly help—and her new baby girl in her arms—Lori mounts a crusade to save her village from the Summer King’s scorching greed.

Mandy's Review:

What an adorable, fun novel.

Finch is a town where everyone knows everything about everyone ... and they talk about it to anyone that'll listen. It really is a well-run community where participation in annual events is expected. And, as with any small town, they're in a long-time feud with a neighboring village. Lori finds out about all of this during her dual investigations.

One of Lori's investigations concerns the empty houses cropping up in Finch. She begins to think someone is purposefully keeping people out of Finch when the empty houses are perfectly suited for living in. Speaking with Finch's real estate agent doesn't do anything to alleviate Lori's fears. Lori is determined to get to the bottom of the housing situation and get new families integrated into her little community.

The other investigation Lori is conducting involves the Summer King. During a morning walk, Lori and her baby take an overgrown path. What they find is a unique, quirky man with a wreath on his head. Arthur, the Summer King, intrigues Lori and she determines to find out more about him ... and to find out why nobody has ever mentioned him to her before.

I was a little upset to find out that this was the 20th book in this series. It wouldn't have upset me if I didn't absolutely love how this book draws you in and makes you forget how much time is passing. I want to read every single one of these novels. My absolutely favorite part is the blue book Lori pulls down off the shelf on occasion. I'm not going to tell you why. You'll have to read the book to find that out for yourself.

If you're looking for a cozy mystery that's a fun read and doesn't have any coarse language, then this is the book (and possibly series) for you.

*A hardcopy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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