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{Review} WILLIAM'S TALE (The Colony, Book 3.5) by Regina Morris

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Copyright: June 29, 2014
Publisher: Silkhaven Publishing, LLC; 1st Edition

Book Summary:
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While guarding the President at a school event, a vampire COLONY agent, William, meets the woman of his dreams – a human woman who is a teacher at the school. First impressions being what they are, he finds her sexy and opinionated – unfortunately, her dance card appears to be full and he’s unsure how to woo her when he can’t even take her out to dinner, without her being the meal.

Jackie discovers a hidden agenda in the President’s school visit and believes William to be a mockery of the American dream of equality for all. Can a past Freedom Rider and racial activist form the 1960s, now turned vampire, prove to the love of his life that he’s not a political puppet?

Mandy's Review:

This is a quick trip into the past of two COLONY members, William and Jackie. It starts in present-day with Alex helping Jackie and William make costumes for a school production. During their time together, Alex asks how the two of them got together. Jackie smiles and begins the tale ... Through a bumpy start and a lot of misunderstandings, William and Jackie hit it off and become a couple. It helped that Jackie's life was put in danger and William could play hero to the damsel in distress.

While this novella was an enjoyable trip down memory lane, there are a couple things I'd like to point out. First, the novella is called William's Tale but Jackie's telling the story but the story's a split first-person where we know what both William and Jackie are thinking. It's just a little odd. I probably would've given the story a different title, but kept the writing style the same.

The second thing I'd like to mention ... This is my fourth story that I've read of Ms. Morris'. I would just like to caution her on publishing her works in a hurry. Throughout all four stories, I've noticed errors that could have been taken care of with some editing (not spellcheck). They are minimal but they're enough to throw a reader off track when they're in a reading groove. Overall, though, if you're into paranormal romances with a focus on vampires then the Colony series would be right up your alley.

*An ecopy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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