Tuesday, November 11, 2014

{Review} SHATTERED by Shelby K. Morrison

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Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

What would you sacrifice to learn the truth? When a deadly act of self defense brings college student Alex Bowen suspicious admiration, only a fit of rage can sooth her anger. But when her shattered mirror reveals a hidden room, she never suspects the two incidents could be linked.

Determined to discover the truth behind her spies, Alex finds herself cut off from family and friends and forced to make allies wherever she can find them, all while evading the people who've been spying. It isn't long before Alex questions everything she knows and what she thought coincidence, may be anything but.

Now with her life and sanity on the line, Alex must resist her enemy's mind games if she wants to expose every dark secret. To succumb would result in her true identity being lost forever and countless others suffering the same fate. But to succeed, would shatter everything she knows.

Kathy's Review:

This book hooks you from the beginning with its wild premise. From there, its non-stop action will keep you engaged. The author does a nice job of giving up information little by little, so that when the pieces come together, it’s well thought out and there aren’t many loopholes. With a story like this, where you’re dealing with conspiracy theories and human experiments, it makes you wonder if something like this could really happen. The author makes it seem plausible, although there are a couple of places in the book where I thought, really?

Alex is a great heroine and you want to find out her story. William, her “bodyguard” for most of the story, is an intriguing character, as well. And finally, Ian, the conspiracy theorist who has been working to find out what is going on on the island where Alex had been kept, kind of ties it all together.

It’s also refreshing that, at the end of this novel, it seemed like all the loose ends were tied up. I feel like so many of the books I read for review these days are part of a series, that it is nice to just have one cohesive story from start to finish, contained in one book.

I applaud the author on this adventurous and fast-paced novel; this one is definitely worth checking out.

*An ecopy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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