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ISBN #: 978-1462725502
Page Count: 198
Copyright: March 8, 2013
Publisher: CrossBooks

(Taken from back cover)

Jesus had an intimate relationship with His Father. Jesus pointed out that "the Father and I are one" (John 10:30), and He prayed that His followers would have that same closeness with the one who loved them. Jesus desires that we all build a personal relationship with our heavenly Father.

Do you long for a closer walk with God? If so, then Perfect* can show you how to establish and develop an intimate relationship with Him. Join pastor and teacher David Rex Gosnell on an awe-inspiring journey through the Model Prayer, also called the Lord's Prayer, and learn why Jesus stressed this prayer as the key to communicating with God.

With warmth and grace, Gosnell uses experiences from his own life to illustrate why prayer is so essential to our relationship with God. He draws on key verses in the Bible to show the numerous times Jesus urged his disciples to turn to prayer, proving that there was a direct connection between Jesus' prayers and God's power. Each chapter includes a summary and questions for further reflection and personal or group study.
Experience God's kingdom, power, and glory by embarking on an intimate and enduring relationship with your heavenly Father. Let Perfect* lead the way!

Charlene's Review:

Through thought-provoking, Biblically-based writing, Mr. Gosnell writes a commentary on how Christians should focus their relationship with God. Using practical applications, and a solid Scriptural basis, the reader learns what true intimacy with our Creator entails.

In Part One, Gosnell states, "In it’s purest form, prayer is simply a conversation with God that is based on a relationship with Him." He describes the idea of being "perfect*" as being spiritually mature and wholly dependent upon Jesus’ efforts, not our own. The asterisk in "perfect*" is to remind us that "our perfection isn’t inherent, it’s inherited" by Christ’s sacrifice.

In Luke 11:1, the disciples asked Jesus how to pray. Mr. Gosnell answers that, and more, in Perfect*. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking a closer relationship with God.

*A physical copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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