Monday, December 16, 2013

{Blog Tour - Review} AMANDA WEDS A GOOD MAN by Naomi King

ISBN #: 978-0451417879
Page Count: 336
Copyright: November 5, 2013
Publisher: NAL Trade

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

Amanda Lambright loves Wyman Brubaker, and after four years as a single mother, she is grateful for his support and for this new chance at happiness as his wife. She's confident that their children will get along just fine. But once Amanda's clan moves into Wyman's home, the tight quarters and Wyman's reluctance to make changes to accommodate Amanda cause friction. The older kids are squabbling. The little ones are frequently in tears. Tiny Alice Ann isn't speaking at all. Amanda and Wyman can't find any privacy. And Amanda wonders if she'll ever have a chance to pursue the pottery making that means so much to her.

Amanda believes that family lies at the center of any well-lived Amish life. Can she find the wisdom to guide the reluctant members of her new extended family toward the love that will bind them together?

Mandy's Review:

After her husband passes away, Amanda learned how to live and raise her children by herself. She dates Wyman for four years and agrees to marry him. What neither of them realize is the amount of changes and adjustments will have to be made between the two families. And, because Wyman lives in a different county, Amanda has to move her children and herself to her husband's house in his district. The bishop over Wyman's community is not the easiest person to get along with. He, his wife, and their children do not make it easy for Amanda and her children to acclimate themselves into the new community. It gets to be too much for Amanda and she reaches her breaking point, leaving her children at Wyman's home and heading back to her old home in her familiar, friendlier, community. Can Amanda and Wyman overcome their differences and make their marriage more compatible? Will they be able to live in Wyman's community under the oppressive bishop's ruling?

I enjoyed this book, but I didn't love this book. I appreciated the fact that Naomi depicted an Amish story where not everything was rosy and peachy between a married couple. I liked that she showed an Amish family who has the same arguments and obstacles as a non-Amish family.

Wyman was a little thick-headed for my taste and I don't blame Amanda for running away. I don't exactly agree with her leaving her children behind like she did, but I understand her just being fed up and needing some time away to think. It also gave Wyman the opportunity to see what it is Amanda has to deal with day-to-day dealing with the household and all the children.

Overall, I am happy with the way the book ended and would be willing to continue reading this series.

*A paperback copy of this book was provided by the author for the purposes of this tour and in exchange for an honest review.

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