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{Review} ROCK MY WORLD by Sharisse Coulter

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Book Summary:
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Jenna Jax-Anders hit rock bottom in high school. Or so she thought. From rock star heiress to knocked-up has been, she turned it all around, marrying the punk rock baby daddy love of her life. The perfect Hollywood fairytale. Until the day she walked in on him kissing her best friend.

As she struggles to find herself and redefine the world around her, she faces the challenges of raising her over-achieving teenage daughter, the heartbreak of losing her best friend (backstabbing aside), and emerging from the shadows of two famous last names to find her own identity. Oh, there’s also the tiny issue of her husband’s record label, backed by an anonymous mogul whose morally ambiguous creative direction may ruin them all.

But she doesn’t know about that yet.

Mandy's Review:

I have a problem with women being oblivious to their internal instincts. We (women) all have them. Jenna had little warning signals going off in her head since HIGH SCHOOL and she ignored them. Then, when her life falls apart, she is so confused how it happened. Ugh!!! I cannot stand weak-willed women. And, ladies, for those of you who may be a little bit oblivious, let me give you a clue: usually if your man and your best friend "hate" each other, it is usually caused by some sexual tension from one or both parties. You'd better get that mess straightened out from the get-go!

Anyhow, now that I've stepped down from my soapbox ... Jenna's husband was mostly innocent of the misunderstanding that happened. I say mostly because he did allow another woman to kiss him at one point and he did agree to hide something that happened during high school. Other than that, though, he's a good guy and deserves to be happy.

Their daughter is independent and is, surprisingly, well-rounded and level-headed. Although, she would rather spend more time at her grandparent's house than her parent's.

Airika, who is supposed to be Jenna's best friend, is the biggest self-centered person I know. She usually doesn't do anything for anyone unless there's something in it for her. When her problems with Jenna start, she realizes that she actually misses Jenna and their friendship. She even begins to feel an emotion she's never felt before: guilt.

Eventually all things work out for those involved, but not without some heartache, drama, and backstabbing. Overall, this is an interesting, although somewhat unrealistic, read. I just found Jenna too much of a drama queen for my liking.

*An ecopy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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